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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sharing Scenes from the October 26, 2013 Gravestone Preservation Workshop at the Salem Baptist Cemetery in Guernsey County, Ohio

Thanking Emery Stewart for sharing some of his wonderful photographs taken yesterday at the Salem Baptist Church Cemetery in Salesville, Guernsey County, Ohio

Mark Morton of Gravestone Guardians of Ohio and Catherine Anderson of Hope's Gravestone Care conducted the hands-on cemetery preservation workshop.  

The photographs are random, but the scenes and close-up pictures convey the story of how Mark and Catherine demonstrated the best practices steps that were required for successful cleaning and repairing several gravestones at the cemetery that were in need of conservation.  The helping hands of the attendees contributed to the final results that we see exhibited in the photographs.  

Despite the cold weather yesterday, I hear the workshop was a success!  I hope you enjoy viewing their progress illustrated by the photographs!

  (Above) Mark Morton

(Above and Below) Catherine Anderson

(Above) Making sure the stone is level


(Above) "tamping down" the base in the ground

(Above and Below)  "After" photographs of the stone for Hanse Morrison -- click on Hanse Morrison's name in this description to link to his "Find A Grave" memorial where you will see a "Before" photograph of the same upright stone in its former sinking leaning position. 

(Above) Mark providing instructions for his next step.  It appears a once broken gravestone on the ground had been repaired and was waiting for its re-installation into its original slotted base using the proper epoxy and methods.  

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