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Monday, August 24, 2015

Old Burying Ground, Greenfield, Ohio - More Volunteers Returned to Clean and Reset Gravestones

Several volunteers came and devoted part of their Sunday on August 23, 2015 to be at the Old Burying Ground in Greenfield, Ohio.  They were aided by good weather to complete projects that included cleaning and resetting of several grave markers as part of an ongoing program sponsored by the Greenfield Historical Society to restore the monuments and markers at the city's oldest cemetery. 


Thanking Scott Andersen, who has been involved with all of the work sessions since the beginning, for sharing before and after views of three Devoss family grave markers that were in need of being repaired, reset, and cleaned.  Most of that process is complete except for cleaning two of the three gravestones. 

Following Scott's photos are those from work session volunteer, Melanie Rene Peters, who was able to take some photos during the time she was at the Old Burying Ground working.  

The photographs with descriptions link to "Find A Grave" memorials where photographs from an earlier time are posted.  

It is quite evident as in the cases of the Devoss gravestones, and Infant Templeton marker, the great extent of restoration work that was done in order for them to look as readable and clean as they currently do; bearing in mind that no power tools or harsh chemicals were used in the cleaning process.  
Thanking Scott and Melanie for sharing their photographs with us!    
(Above Photos by Scott Andersen)
Left to Right: Gravestones for Anne Devoss, Elizabeth Devoss, Margaret Devoss

(Above Photo)
Left to Right:  Gravestones for Juliet Doggett and Lucinda Doggett
(Above Photo)
The middle tall monument is for John C. Thompson

(Above Photo)
Grave marker for Infant Adams
About this Infant Adams marker from Scott Andersen 
"There are several of these infant Adams stones at the Old Burying Ground.
I found this one leaning against a tree last week.
Melanie Rene Peters cleaned it yesterday, and Venus was able to locate the broken off base part with the prober. John King dug it up. I'll be casting a base to place the tablet in now that we know where it belongs."

(Photo Above)
Grave marker in base for Infant Templeton