Thursday, June 28, 2018

Tours part of celebration of Columbus Diocese's 150 years

Sharing Photographs of the June 26, 2018 Old Burying Ground Work Session - Courtesy of Greenfield Historical Society Volunteer, Michael Lee Anderson

All Photos courtesy of Michael Lee Anderson

Greenfield Historical Society Volunteer

Volunteer Session - June 26, 2018

Sharing from the Greenfield Historical Society:

"What a beautiful morning at OBG! Once again we got an early start to avoid most of the heat and any pop-up showers. A nice breeze, and not too hot as we spent about 4 hours realigning more stones, repairing some broken stones, and cleaning stones. Joining in were Scott Andersen, John King, Jackie Doles, Mike Anderson, Gloria and Jim Losey, and Avery Applegate. Joining us from "up North" near Cleveland were Bruce and Ellen Phillipp. Ellen is the great granddaughter of D.O. Miller of Greenfield.
Many thanks to ALL the volunteers who help throughout the years making this a very successful project."

Be sure to check out the Greenfield Historical Society's Event Calender for notification of upcoming Old Burying Ground Restoration work sessions for the remaining of 2018!

Be sure and check out
The Old Burying Ground
in Greenfield
for updates on memorials
and gravemarker photos! 

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Smith Funeral Homes in Wilmington and New Vienna adapts with the times

Monday, June 25, 2018

"Grant Available for Ohio Historical Markers" - From "The Youngstown Vindicator"

Thanking Krista Horrocks of the Ohio History Connection for alerting us to this link from "The Youngstown Vindicator" published on June 18, 2018.: 
"The William G. Pomeroy Foundation, based in Syracuse, N.Y., is offering grants to cover the cost of Ohio Historical Markers in Ashland, Ashtabula, Cuyahoga, Erie, Geauga, Huron, Lake, Lorain, Mahoning, Medina, Meigs, Ottawa, Portage, Sandusky, Seneca, Summit, Trumbull and Wayne counties.The foundation believes that historical markers play an important part in local historic preservation by educating the public and fostering historic tourism. The Ohio History Connection, along with local partners, places historical markers all over the state that commemorate important people, places and events.For more than 60 years, the historical-marker program has supported the placement of more than 1,600 bronze markers. A local sponsor, usually a historical society, civic organization or local government, submits an application for a marker to the Ohio History Connection. Ohio History Connection then confirms the historic significance of the subject and collaborates with the local sponsor to finalize the marker for accuracy.The local sponsor is typically responsible for the cost of installing these markers, but The William G. Pomeroy Foundation will cover this cost up to $3,040 in those 18 counties."For information on the criteria for the grant or to apply, visit

Remarkable Ohio website

Please Note:

"New Ohio Historical Marker Application Deadline:  July 1. 

To better accommodate "marker dedication season," the Ohio History Connection's Local History Office is revising the deadline for marker applications and for the marker grant program. There is now one deadline per year for applying for an Ohio Historical Marker - July 1.

 With this new deadline, the office will no longer accept applications on a rolling basis throughout the year. The new deadline will ensure that all applicants have their markers in time for marker dedication season the following spring. "

Remarkable Ohio - Cemetery 

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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Spotlighting the Institute for Research and Learning in Archaeology and Bioarchaeology and their work at the Harrison Township/ Cholera Cemetery in Harrison Township, Pickaway County, Ohio

This excavation is sensitive to the fact there are an untold number of unknown human remains; including the remains of those long lost souls who succumbed to the Cholera Disease that ravaged the area in the early 1800s and again in the mid 1800s.  This deadly disease particularly affected those working on the canals.  The Ohio & Erie Canal extended to Circleville in Pickaway in 1831 and existed in the area of this obscure cemetery. 


Project Director:
Executive Director/PI - Giuseppe Vercellotti, Adjunct Assistant Professor, OSU.
Link for: Contact Form
Sharing also this link that refers to the first excavation exploration that was held in May and early June, 2018 with additional details about the project's description and objective.
Please note, however, there is one recent interment listed that is incorrect and is awaiting removal and re-assignment by "Find A Grave" to its proper cemetery. 

***Please note also***Harrison Township Cholera Cemetery
Also known as Cholera CemeteryHelen Harold and Paul Peters CemeteryPaul Peters Farm Cemetery
Should not be confused with:
The much newer and larger: "Harrison Township Cemetery"  Also known as the Bloomfield Cemetery that is located in South Bloomfield. 

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Commission, trustees OK pursuing cemetery levy

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Remembering my father, Harry Limes, on Father's Day 2018

It was 30 years ago, on March 22, 2018, when my dear father departed this life a few months shy of his 84th birthday.  He died due to having prostate cancer.  I remember his saying that he had hoped he would make it to age 90.  Sadly, that did not happen for him.  

But, for the past 30 years, and as long as I live and have my mind and memories, I will remember him, and take comfort on days like Father's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and his birthday, to devote more time to reflecting on him and his words of wisdom given to me over the years; not the least of which was: "always live within your means."  

My father lived during the Roaring 20s and the Great Depression.  The 1930s was a much different type of decade to live through with its austerity and hardships that meant an adjustment from the carefree and less stressful decade that had ended with a crash; quite literally, when the U. S. Stock Market crashed in October of 1929.  I know my father's lifestyle altered drastically during the 1930s; but I also know he found ways to cope and make it a time to try new things and start a new line of work that would last the rest of his life. 

Sharing here my "Find A Grave" memorial that I created for my father., Harry Limes.  He was named after his mother's youngest brother, Harry Lombard.  The memorial includes a biography about my father's life that I compiled from personal knowledge and extended research about him.  I can only hope that he would be pleased, and it would meet with his approval.  

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Re-visiting the Northfield-Macedonia Cemetery - Summit County, Ohio - June 13, 2018

Today on the way to All Saints Cemetery, a bit of a detour was made first for an all-too-brief visit at the Northfield-Macedonia Cemetery.
The striking wrought iron fencing surrounding the cemetery with its grand entrance gates attached to beautiful brownstone square pillars easily catches a passerby's attention. 

Of worthy note:  
The gates have a history all their own -  so if you visit check out the plaque inside the "Northfield" pillar!

It was noted that there were flags placed for the veterans.  The veteran medallions attached to the flag poles are a type of plastic; not bronze. This is to discourage thieves who would steal them for scrap. 

Sadly, however, the grass and overgrowth needed more cutting and removal.  There were old limbs down in the back area in particular.

This historic cemetery certainly should be having better care than it has been receiving.  

Despite the deteriorating condition of the cemetery grounds, the unique gravemarkers and monuments lure a visitor to come in and linger longer to read the inscriptions and marvel at the motifs carved on them. 

Also known as Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Macedonia Cemetery, Northfield Cemetery, Northfield-Macedonia Cemetery

The 1922 plaque on the inside
of the "Northfield" stone pillar
that reads:
"These gates are a replica
 of the South Gates at
Arlington National Cemetery
They are the gift of
Anna L. Bishop
In Connection with Improvements
by the Trustees and
The Northfield-Macedonia
Ladies Cemetery Association"
 Photo Above
and photo below:

Above two photos for the Means Monument
Note the mixture of how the years are expressed
 The Darling markers above
 The above two photos are of the James and Roderick Gallie monument
 Above is the large Honey monument
 Above is he large Lillie Family monument
 Marker above for Marie L. Murphey
Above is a row of five upright markers
The marker for Mary M. Arthur Bateman, his daughter,
is to the right of his marker. 
To the right of Mary M. Arthur Bateman's marker
Above photo is for Charles W. Way's monument
The large monument in the center
of the above photo belongs
 to the Genereaux and Robertson families


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