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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Saving a small cemetery - A news story about the Alber / Crossview Cemetery in Seven Hills, Cuyahoga County, Ohio

From the "Parma Sun Post" as published online by "Cleveland.com" on January 19, 2011:

"SEVEN HILLS The president of the historical society wants to be sure no unknown graves will be covered when a sidewalk is built on Rockside Road.

The county plans to build the sidewalk on the north side of Rockside, along part of which is the city-owned cemetery, known as Alber Cemetery, or Crossview Cemetery.

The sidewalk is part of a project to repave Rockside beginning in spring 2012.

The county engineer’s office is overseeing the job and is aware some sidewalk would go on land presently used as a cemetery. In December, the city gave the county an easement to land located east of North Crossview Road for the sidewalk. That easement was needed because the front boundary of the cemetery abuts Rockside.

“We are aware it is a cemetery,” Jamal Husani, chief transportation engineer for the county, said.

Judy O’Donnell, president of the Seven Hills Historical Society, said the county should be “extremely cautious because there might be (tomb)stones right there.”

O’Donnell said she launched an effort in the mid-2000s that persuaded the city to enforce ownership of the cemetery and to manage it.

She said Alber Cemetery dates back at least to 1852 and has at least one headstone and at least nine flat stones that likely were bases of headstones no longer there.

“You could pass it by and not know it’s there,” she said of the cemetery.

O’Donnell said the cemetery was more of a cemetery for a church once located next to it, than for a family. She said the real importance of the cemetery was that a Civil War Union veteran named Christian Link was buried there.

According to Husani, the new sidewalk was planned from Rockhaven Drive to Mural Drive, as well as from Broadview Road to Pinnacle Park Drive.

Also planned in the $4.3 million project is a decorative-style traffic signal mast arm at Crossview to be funded by the city, some curb repairs and driveway aprons. New sidewalks will put in where utility poles conflict with existing sidewalks, Husani said.
The cemetery is not the same as a cemetery known as Darrow Cemetery, located farther east by Old Rockside Road."

Currrently, "Find A Grave" has 4 burials for the Crossview Cemetery.

For more about the Alber / Crossview Cemetery, please view the following link from the "Ohio Cemetery Preservation Society" which provides an in-depth history:  http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~ohcps/crossviewreport.html