Wednesday, June 3, 2015

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Watching for News on Ohio House Bill 91 -- Continuing Levy for Cemeteries


As Introduced
131st General Assembly
Regular Session H. B. No. 91
Representative Green
Cosponsors: Representatives Brenner, Boose, Anielski, Perales, Sheehy,

"To amend section 5705.19 of the Revised Code to
lengthen the maximum term of a property tax
levied for the purpose of operating a cemetery."


From my State Representative's Office - June 3, 2015:

"The bill is still pending in the House Ways and Means Committee. 

To my knowledge, there has not been any changes to the language of the bill. 

The legislation is also still being considered as an amendment to the budget so it is being considered in two ways, giving it an even better shot!"

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"Officials can’t step in to solve Lodi cemetery’s money woes until board disbands" -- from the "Medina-Gazette" - June 3, 2015

Click on the blog post title above to read the news article about the Woodlawn Cemetery in Lodi, Medina County, Ohio regarding its current financial and ownership issues impacting the future of the cemetery.

Click HERE to link to the Woodlawn Cemetery on "Find A Grave" where 3,566 interments are listed for it.  

Woodlawn Cemetery is an active cemetery; however, currently not registered with the Ohio Department of Real Estate.  
Presently, there are five outstanding gravestone photo requests for the Woodlawn Cemetery on "Find A Grave." 


"This cemetery is not currently registered with the Division.  Therefore, we cannot take a complaint at this time.  We are working with this cemetery to help bring them into compliance with the registration requirements."

Laura A. Monick
Registration and Resolution Section Chief
Ohio Department of Commerce
Ohio Division of Real Estate & Professional Licensing 77 South High Street, 20th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215

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