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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Lively Spirits Gathered at Greenfield's Old Burying Ground on October 9th

The Highland County Press published a great story on its website on October 9, 2017 covering the "Ghostly Goings On" that occurred during the Ghost Walk at the Old Burying Ground in Greenfield thanks to the re-enactors (members of the Greenfield Historical Society  - link for photos and description of this event) who revived those long ago souls resting in peace at those sacred grounds -- for a day at least -- so that visitors can learn details about them they may not know.  The re-enactors researched the lives of those whom they portrayed and dressed in period attire.

I think you'll enjoy stepping back in history because the Ghost Walk was a true History Tour of Greenfield's Old Burying Ground; one of the earliest cemeteries in Highland County, Ohio. 

Thanking Michael Anderson, a member of the Greenfield Historical Society who attended the Ghost Walk, for so kindly sharing some of his photographs of re-enactors in action and the restored area of gravestones.  

(Below are photographs of Scott Andersen who led the group through the Old Burying Ground.  He portrayed George Meech, an extremely talented gravestone carver who carved some of the most highly detailed markers at the cemetery.  
Also, Teena Thornton who portrayed Mary MilliganTonia McClanahan who portrayed Elizabeth Linn McMillen, Susan Long who portrayed Susanna Jane Crothers, and Danny Long who portrayed Alexander Crawford Sr.)