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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

6 Tri-State townships asking for a levy to fund cemetery maintenance | Local News - WLWT Home


A post was published on this blog on September 11, 2014 that is pertinent to this news story: 

"Ohio House Bill 576 - A Step in the Right Direction for Funding Maintenance Expenses at Township Cemeteries"


Ohio House Bill 576 -- "To amend section 5705.19 of the Revised Code to lengthen the maximum term of a property tax levied for the purpose of operating a cemetery."
From Heidi M. Fought of the Ohio Township Association (OTA):

"The bill will allow townships to place upon the ballot a request for a continuous levy as opposed to just a 5 year levy.  The OTA supports this legislation and worked with the sponsor before introduction.  We are hoping to get this bill out during lame duck this fall and if not, passed next spring."
"The benefit to a township would be that they wouldn’t have to go back to the ballot every 5 years to renew a cemetery levy.  It would simply  be a continuous levy.  That is all the bill does.  We like it because cemetery maintenance is a mandated responsibility and so this provides a stable source of revenue should a township seek to put on this type of levy."
"If this bill should pass, a township would have the option of placing a 5 year OR continuous levy on the ballot.  If the bill doesn’t pass, a township would still have the ability to place a 5 year levy on the ballot."
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