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"A cemetery may be considered as abandoned when all or practically all of the bodies have been Removed therefrom and no bodies have been buried therein for a great many years, and the cemetery has been so long neglected as entirely to lose its identity as such, and is no longer known, recognized and respected by the public as a cemetery. 1953 OAG 2978."

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sheep Pen/AKA Gustin/AKA Limes Cemetery - Fayette/Highland County, Ohio

First, Happy New Year to everyone who reads or follows my blog.
Thank you for your time and interest!!

As the new year ends, I'd like to take a moment to reflect on righting a few wrongs before the new year begins.

I am a big "fan" of "Find A Grave" and have contributed to their website by posting memorials whenever I can.

However, some of "FAG's" contributors have caused me to have some issues with their burials posted incorrectly on "findagrave.com" who then became obstinate about removing or correcting their postings - primarily posting memorials for people I knew in wrong cemeteries!! I contact them and wait and send second requests and wait. I am learning that submitting your requests via the "public message" seems to work best for results.

After two such attempts, I contact Find A Grave via their email address of: Info@findagrave.com:

The kind folks at "FAG" have never failed me yet! When I have submitted my proof regarding an incorrect memorial posting and that the contributor isn't making the correction, the FAG folks step in and right the wrong. In the past few weeks they have helped with removing not only duplicate memorials but consolidated the "Old Burying Ground" cemetery in Greenfield, Ohio, from 3 listings into 1 - like it should have been all along!

So, my 2009 thank you to Find A Grave for running an efficient website despite the human inefficiences that can creep into it.

Below are some recent corrections I made on "FAG" for the Sheep Pen Cemetery that straddles the Fayette and Highland County lines in Ohio:

I would like to report corrections for two entries at the Sheep Pen(AKA Limes/AKA Gustin) Cemetery found on Page 60 of the Perry Township Tombstone Inscriptions - 2001:

1. Williams, Margaret P., dau. of J.F. & M.P., d 6 Sept. 1863 aged 7 y 1 m 9 d

Should be, per McBride's "Highland County Cemetery Inscriptions", page 362, and information from Mr. Jerry McWilliams:

McWilliams, Margaret P., dau. of J. P. & M. d 6 Sept. 1863, 7 y 1 mo 9 d


2. Williams, Ellen J., dau. of J.F. & M.P., d 30 Sept. 1855, 10 mos. 11 d

Should be, per McBride's "Highland County Cemetery Inscriptions", page 362, and information from Mr. Jerry McWilliams:

McWilliams, Ellen J., dau of J. P. & M. d 30 Sept. 1855 10m 1 d


From Jerry McWilliams, in his email to me dated December 28, 2009

(his email address: mcwmshist@aol.com):

John Parke McWilliams was born July 31, 1826 in Greenfield, Highland, Ohio and died March 13, 1904 in Madison Township, Highland County, Ohio.

He married Margaret E. Irwin October 23, 1851 in Highland County, Ohio. She was born April 9, 1834 in Ohio and died February 22, 1912 in Ohio, daughter of William Irwin, Jr. and Jane Turbett.

Other events in the life of John Parke McWilliams:

Baptism : October 22, 1826 in First Presbyterian Church, Greenfield, Ohio

Burial : March 16, 1904 in Greenfield Cemetery, Greenfield, Ohio

Other events in the life of Margaret E. Irwin Burial : Greenfield Cemetery, Greenfield, Ohio

Children of John Parke McWilliams and Margaret E. Irwin:

Philip B. McWilliams was born December 22, 1852 and died After 1929.

Ellen J. McWilliams was born November 19, 1854 and died September 30, 1855.

Margaret P. McWilliams was born July 27, 1856 in Madison Township, Highland County, Ohio and died September 6, 1863.

William Irwin McWilliams was born March 16, 1858 in Ohio, and died July 14, 1891.

John P. McWilliams was born March 12, 1860 in Ohio, and died November 6, 1900

Abraham L. McWilliams was born February 2, 1863, two miles west of Greenfield, Ohio, and died 1929 in New York, New York.

E. J. "Jennie" McWilliams was born December 13, 1864 in Highland County, Ohio and died After 1930.

Edward C. McWilliams was born February 3, 1871 in Greenfield, Highland Co., Ohio, and died December 8, 1925 in Ross County, Ohio.

James S. McWilliams was born January 27, 1878 in Highland County, Ohio and died January 27, 1962 in Greenfield, Highland Co., Ohio.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Remembering Archibald M. Willard - buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Wellington, Lorain County, Ohio

Click on title to link to Archibald M. Willard's memorial on the website of "Findagrave.com"

Below is the story I wrote in 1999 about this famous Ohio painter that was published in "The Fayette Connection" of the Fayette County Genealogical Society

Archibald M. Willard - Ohio’s Patriot Painter

(Written for the Fayette County Genealogical Society, a Chapter of O.G.S.)
By: Linda Jean Ellis - November, 1999

From all accounts, his artistic beginnings were of a self-taught and solitary nature. His early livelihood came from painting fancy scenes on the sides of horse-drawn farm and circus wagons for the E.S. Tripp Carriage Factory in Wellington, Ohio. Later, he would create a cartoon of sorts featuring his father as a marching militia drummer in a painting he dubbed “Yankee Doodle,” but today Archibald M. Willard is well remembered. We have come to identify the ideals of liberty by his stirring revision of this portrait entitled: “The Spirit of ‘76” - painted by him at age 40. Staunch supporter and partner, Cleveland photographer, J.F. Ryder, was instrumental in the “Spirit of ‘76” (then still called “Yankee Doodle”) being included in the American Centennial Celebration’s art exhibition held in Philadelphia in 1876. Here, the call of the portrait was clear as many hearts were touched by this trio of mismatched musicians. Suddenly, the creator, this Ohio born Civil War veteran, was an unknown artist no longer.

Archibald McNeal Willard was born in Bedford (Cuyahoga County) Ohio to Reverend Samuel Willard and Catherine Willard. August 22, 1836 is the date shown in public records for Archibald M. Willard’s birth date, however, the A.M. and Nellie S. Willard family bible has August 26, 1836 written as the date of birth, in what appears to be the artist’s own handwriting. He was the fourth of seven children they would have. The family moved around quite a lot due to Archibald’s father’s occupation. Rev. Willard was the first pastor and founder of the Baptist Church in Bedford, however, he later joined the Disciples of Christ. About 1850, Rev. Willard moved his family to Russell Township in Geauga County (now South Russell) where he built a house which still stands today (1080 Bell Road - privately owned). Ultimately, the Willard family settled in Wellington (Lorain County) Ohio around 1855.

Undoubtedly, young “Arch” as he was sometimes referred to, inherited some of his patriotic spirit from his grandfather, Jonathan Willard, who lived with the family for awhile. He was a Revolutionary War veteran who fought with the Vermont Green Mountain Boys. It is written that Archibald was a descendant of Major Simon Willard who came to America from England in 1634 and was a founder of Concord, Massachusetts.

On March 31, 1864, Archibald Willard married a Wellington girl named Nellie S. Challacombe. By that time he had already enlisted in the 86th O.V.I. during the Civil War. Later he joined the 176th O.V.I. and was discharged in June of 1865.

Now on to a mystery .... for a span of almost 75 years no one seemed to know who painted the three 10 x 14 foot murals of angelic-looking ladies suspended in the sky named “Spirit of Electricity,” “Spirit of the U.S. Mail,” and “Spirit of the Telegraph” on the second floor walls in the grand Victorian styled Fayette County Courthouse. No one remembered seeing an actual signature on them. Could it be that Willard’s “spirited” steps led to that stately structure? Then in 1956, Mr. B.E. Kelley of Washington Court House, and the widow of one of the founders of The Cooks Brothers Decorating Company in Cleveland verified that, indeed, Archibald Willard was the courthouse artist. The words: “A.M. Will... Cleveland, Ohio,” written on the envelope held by the hand of the “Spirit of the U.S. Mail” mural, were the only but crucial clue. Records did confirm that The Cooks Brothers Decorating Company was under contract by the Fayette County Commissioners in August of 1882, and that they hired Archibald Willard to complete this special project.

The Fayette County Commissioners have printed a booklet entitled: “ Fayette County Courthouse - A Unique Blend of Art and Architecture” which details how A.M. Willard came to be chosen as the artist.

While staying in Washington Court House, Willard lived in a home with the current address of 501 East Market Street. Many local residents today know that Miss Marian L. Moore bought this house and has lived in it for a number of years. In 1968, as she began to remove the living room wallpaper to redecorate, she discovered a mural above the fireplace. Again, with the help of Mr. Kelley, it was documented that Archibald Willard had painted this work as well.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Miss Moore, now age 87, by phone recently. She recounted her time in working on the restoration herself. She said she stood on a tall ladder wearing a carpenter’s apron, pads on her shins, and using two pair of glasses to carefully remove the paper, and then restoring the painting underneath. I’m sure Archibald Willard would be pleased with her devoted efforts to revive his eagle resting on a red, white and blue shield flanked by American flags mural as well as other painted decorations he created while rooming there; if only he could be here to see the results.

As I read more about this man’s life and works, I am all the more convinced that many of his creations are now lost to us. In the book, “The Spirit of ‘76 ... An American Portrait America’s best known painting. - least known artist.” (1976) written by Willard’s great-great nephew, Willard F. Gordon, a chapter is called “Lost Willard Paintings” and lists 65 of his works (including three sculptures) that were unaccounted for at that time. Over the years some have surfaced in northern Ohio in particular, but certainly not all.

Archibald M. Willard died on October 11, 1918 in Cleveland, Ohio. He was buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Wellington. No direct descendants survive him today.

My hope is this glimpse of Archibald Willard and his art encourages you to begin your own research which will acquaint you with him beyond what space here has afforded. And, perhaps you may find one of his lost paintings yourself - hidden somewhere - possibly in your own home!!

(Listed below are the publications and places I have checked regarding Archibald M. Willard. Time and distance factors have affected my exploration of all the possibilities on this subject, however.)

“The Spirit of ‘76 ... An American Portrait America’s best known painting. - least known artist.” by Willard F. Gordon 1976 - Extensive coverage of Archibald Willard’s works with photographs of many.

“Historic Wellington Then and Now” by Ernst L. Henes 1983 - pages 25-27

“Looking Back On Lorain County” by Ernst L. Henes 1978 - pages 27, 30, 31 and 40

“The Historian - A Look back at Lorain County” Vol. 6 Edition 242 - 1992 - pages 15 and 16

“The Ohio Historical Review - featuring Lorain County” Vol. 11, No. 10 - 1980 - page 11

“Bedford Village Views” by Dick Squire 1992 - pages 108-109; 343-344 and 347

“Bedford Vignettes or Around the Town by the Village Observer” by Dick Squire - 1982 - pages 274 and 275

“Remembering Archibald Willard” - By Dick Squire - Bedford Times-Register - August 21, 1986

“Murals at Wash. C.H., Ohio Identified After 72 Years” - By. B. E. Kelley - Tri-State Trader - Knightstown, Indiana - September 13, 1968

“Fayette County Ohio A Pictorial History” by Carol Witherspoon Carey on behalf of the Fayette County Historical Society 1993

“Down Through The Golden Years” by B.E. Kelley - compiled by author in 1973 - pages 288, 289, 290; 862 and 863.

The Fayette County Commissioners brochure entitled “Fayette County Courthouse - A Unique Blend of Art and Architecture”

The Ohio Historical publication - “Archibald M. Willard and The Spirit of ‘76 - An Ohio Artist and His Work” - 1992 - a 24-page 8½” x 11” Booklet which accompanied the Willard exhibit from July 4 through October 12, 1992

Geauga County Historical Society Quarterly - September, 1976 - Pages 2-4 “Yankee Doodle”

Historical Society Quarterly, Vol. III, No. 1, July, 1963 issued by the Geauga County Historical Society, Burton, Ohio - Pages 1 and 2, “Willard Paintings”

The Quarterly - Vol. 36, Issue #3, pages 1 and 2 - August, 1997 - “The Spirit of ‘76,” a publication of the Geauga County Historical Society.

“Pioneer and General History of Geauga County” - 1953 Edition - page 721 - published by the Geauga County Historical Society; Letter from Alfred M. Wilber about the old Willard home in Aurora.

“South Russell, A Brief History” - Spring, 1992 by Hosmer, Patricia and Phillip Wayne - a pamphlet showing the photo of the home built by Rev. Samuel Willard.


The Fayette County Courthouse, 110 East Court Street, Washington Court House, Ohio 43160
The Carnegie Library, 127 S. North Street, Washington Court House, Ohio 43160 - (740)-335-2540
The Fayette County Historical Society, 517 Columbus Avenue, Washington Court House, Ohio 43160 - (740) 335-2953

The Western Reserve Historical Society (Museum and Library), 10825 East Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio 44106 (216) 721-5722. (http://www.wrhs.org/ - internet address to access the library’s manuscript collection.)

The Bedford Museum, 30 Squire Place, Bedford Commons, Bedford, Ohio (P.O. Box 46282, Bedford, Ohio 44146.)  Telephone - (440) 232-0796

Spirit of ‘76 Museum, 201 North Main Street, Wellington, Ohio 44090 (440) 647-4367 -

Herrick Memorial Library, 101 Willard Memorial Square, Wellington, Ohio 44090 - (440) 647-2120 -

The Ohio Historical Society, 1982 Velma Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43211-2497.

Geauga County Historical Society, 14653 East Park Street, Burton, Ohio 44021-0153 (mailing address is PO Box 153). Museum and Century Village
Russell Historical Society, 8450 Kinsman Road, Novelty, Ohio 44072. Contact Margaret Hetrick - 440-338-8583 for further information (South Russell home built about 1850 by Rev. Samuel Willard.)

Some other sites to consider:

The City Hall of Cleveland, Ohio - an 8 foot by 10 foot “Spirit of ‘76” painted by request in 1912 by A. M. Willard - Often referred to as “The Original Masterpiece.”

Abbot Hall - Marblehead, Massachusetts - Known as the “Centennial Spirit of ‘76,” donated by the father of Henry K. Devereux, the boy who posed as the young drummer for the painting.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Havilah Beardsley Limes at Walnut Creek Cemetery - Perry Township, Fayette County, Ohio - needs new photo of his stone

Click on title to access my posting for Havilah Beardsley Limes buried at the Walnut Creek Quaker Cemetery in Perry Township, Fayette County, Ohio. 

A new stone photograph is needed as part of his name is cut off in this 1981 photograph.  I hope to get this rectified by either myself or a Findagrave.com volunteer

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Spotlighting Iraq War Veteran - Eric Michael Barnes

Click on title to link to the "Findagrave.com" memorial for Airman First Class Eric Michael Barnes buried at Elmwood Cemetery in Lorain, Ohio.

Airman Barnes is buried near my parents' gravesite.  Whenever I visit Elmwood, I now take a few moments to walk up and visit Eric and thank him for his sacrifice for his country and ask God to keep him in His care always. 

I like to think Eric continues to watch out for those around him and know my parents are in safe company with him nearby.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Maple Grove Cemetery - newer portion - Rush Township, Champaign County, Ohio

Click on title to access new information posted for the Maple Grove Cemetery, specifically the newer, western portion, located in Rush Township, Champaign County, Ohio.
These records have recently been contributed by Ralph Lowell Coleman, Jr. to this Champaign County, Ohio website hosted by Sandi Evilsizer Koscak.

Other extensive information is posted on Sandi's site for Champaign County, Ohio.  It is the most comprehensive on-line resource I have seen for Champaign County that also includes some material pertaining to surrounding counties.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Locust Grove Cemetery in Twinsburg, Summit County, Ohio & Barnes-Talbott Cemetery in Jackson Township, just outside of Galion, Crawford County, Ohio

Click on title to access the website of Jeffrey A. Mills who has posted his tombstone transcriptions for the Locust Grove Cemetery in Twinsburg, Summit County, Ohio.

He is also completing his tombstone transcriptions for the Barnes-Talbott Cemetery in Jackson Township, just outside of Galion, Crawford County, Ohio

Thank you, Jeffrey, for all of your diligent work with the transcriptions of tombstone information at these two Ohio cemeteries!

Jeffrey's website states: "This site and all of its contents are copyrighted.  All rights reserved."

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Preble County, Ohio - Genealogical & Historical Records from Preble County District Library

Click on title to access the genealogical and historical records search page on the website of the Preble County, Ohio District Library. 
Be sure to read the "Introduction" and "Using the Index" portions on the main page to better understand your results following your search. 

"The Preble County Genealogical Society and Historical Records database continues to be updated. It contains marriage and obituary information from county records and the Sugar Grove Cemetery Records of the Twin Township Trustees."

Monday, November 23, 2009

Royal J. Winder of Urbana, Champaign County, Ohio

Click on Title to link to the biography of Royal J. Winder on "Findagrave.com"

Crawford, Marion, and Morrow Counties Ohio - Central Ohio Cemetery Photos

Click on link for email in posting of September 22, 2009 on the "Rootsweb" message boards - to a person(s) who is offering to take tombstone photos at cemeteries located in Crawford, Marion and Morrow Counties, Ohio.  

I do not have any further information about this offer, but am passing the link along for informational purposes only.

Thank you!! 

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Quaker (Friends) Cemetery records on-line on the North Lewisburg, Champaign County, Ohio website

Click on title to link to the records for the Quaker (Friends) Cemetery that I have compiled regarding the burials at this inactive cemetery in North Lewisburg, Ohio.

Below is an almost unreadable stone at the Friends Cemetery for Lydia A. Fell Brown, wife of Edwin J. Brown.  She was born July 31, 1834 and died June 11, 1863, per a D. A. R. tombstone reading, however, Fell family records have a date of death of June 11, 1866.  More cleaning, and possibly some limited chalking over the dates needs to be done to further verify the year.  

Friday, November 13, 2009

Lawrence County, Ohio Cemetery Information website

Link to a site that features information about Lawrence County, Ohio cemeteries. 

This certainly is an interesting website to explore for cemeteries and individual burials in Lawrence County, Ohio.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Remembering Veterans - Veterans' Day, 2009

Click on title to be linked to "Names In Stone Honors U. S. Veterans" from the website of "Names In Stone"
Link below to Arlington National Cemetery:


Friday, November 6, 2009

"Cincinnati Enquirer" Story about the recording of old gravestones

Click on title to access a wonderful story that ran in the "Cincinnati Enquirer" on October 30, 2009 about volunteers in Butler, Clermont and Warren Counties, Ohio who are photographing and posting their findings from recording gravestones at local cemeteries. 
Some photographs included with story and helpful links:
From the website of the "Cincinnati Enquirer":
"Gravestones online"

Clermont County Genealogical Society: www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~ohclecgs

Warren County Genealogical Society: www.co.warren.oh.us/genealogy

Butler County site of Caroline Huppi: www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~ohbutcem

St. Mary and St. John Cemeteries in St. Bernard, Ohio - $300,000 in 2008 vandalism

Click on title to access a "Cincinnati Enquirer" story of two cemeteries owned by the Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society who are suing the families of juveniles who vandalized 300 monuments in the amount of $300,000.00 at St. Mary and St. John cemeteries.  Photographs are also shown of the damaged stones.
Link to the genealogical section of the website for the Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society:

Friday, October 30, 2009

Update - Samuel Stokes is found - husband of Jane Vickers Stokes buried at the Butcher Cemetery

Click on Title to link to Jane Stokes' memorial on "Findagrave.com"
Jane Vickers was married to Samuel Stokes Per Champaign County Marriage Book E, page 369: on July 12, 1855 by John L. Mitchell, Elder in the Methodist Episcopal Church. Her previous surname was Vickers. Samuel was married previously to Nancy Thomas.  Samuel Stokes had resided in Salem Township in Champaign County, Ohio. 
From Wendi: wscally@columbus.rr.com: Nov. 11, 2009: “In Mt. Tabor there is a Samuel Stoles. Here are the dates for him and a wife Nancy. Samuel Stoles died 11-21-1870 Age 72 yrs. 1 month 15 days. Nancy Stoles died 7-31-1851 Age 46 years 9 months Wife of Samuel Stoles.

Birth: unknown, USA
Death: Oct. 6, 1884, USA [Edit Dates]
Inscription on the same stone with Delmore Berry
Aged 69 years.
1860 U.S. Federal Census – NA Film M653, Roll 942, page 56 (source HeritageQuest) – Salem Twp. Champaign County, Ohio – line 9:

Samuel Stokes, age 53, occupation farmer, born in VA, real estate value $3,440 and personal estate value of $295.00. Jane Stokes, age 43 from Ohio; John Stokes, age 22, farm laborer; Mary Stokes, age 20; Josephus (sp?) age 17, farm larborer; William S., age 13; and Hulda, age 9.

1870 U.S. Federal Census – NA Film M593-1179, page 375 Salem Twp., Champaign County, Ohio

Samuel Stokes, age 63, Jane, age 52; William L., age 23; Margaret, age 23; Jennie, age 7/12.

Samuel Stokes was the head of household and husband of Jane.

1880 U.S. Federal Census – NA Film #T9-0998, Family History Film # 1254998, page 332D, ED26, North Lewisburg, Champaign County, Ohio:

James D. Berry,
age 46; Sarah E., age 44; Delmar, age 19; Frank age 17; Eugene, age 13; Edmond, age 10; Jimmy D., age 5; Jane Stoks, age 65 – mother-in-law. James D. Berry was the head of household and the other males are listed as sons, and Sarah E. is shown as wife.

Knowing that Jane Stokes was living in the James D. and Sarah E. Berry household, and shown as a mother-in-law, explains why her inscription appears on the same stone as Delmore (Delmar) Berry. She was his grandmother; they died a little more than a year apart from each other.

From the book, "Will Abstracts of Champaign County, Ohio Books A thru F – 1805-1888" published by the Champaign County Genealogical Society, on page 174: (from Will Book D – 1870-1882)
"Page 368 Samuel STOKES probated 26 NOV 1879"
"Wife Jane Stokes lifetime right to premises; at her death son W. L. Stokes lifetime right to the farm; at his death to grandsons Samuel and Ralph Stokes. Son John Stokes $500; daughter Mary Russell $50 – W.L. Stokes, executor – Witness: J B Thomas and J Jane Thomas - Will signed [x] 20 OCT 1879"

CNN Story about "Findagrave.com" and the "tourism factor" of Cemeteries

Click on title to access an on-line story by CNN from October 30, 2009 about one of my favorite research websites:  "Findagrave.com." 

I am pleased to see the inclusion of "genealogical journey" among the many reasons people visit cemeteries. 

The story honors the founder and the "FAG" volunteers who submit burial information and take photographs for those who request them because they cannot visit the cemeteries themselves.  It is a great site - not without its flaws - but ever growing, and at last count boasted 37 million memorials. 

Monday, October 26, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Aaron and Adaline (Limes) Winder at the Butcher Cemetery - North Lewisburg - Champaign County, Ohio

Click on title to link to the memorial for Aaron Winder.
Below are photos showing the Aaron and Adaline (Limes) Winder stones at the Butcher Cemetery in North Lewisburg. 
The top photograph was taken September 6, 1998 and the lower two photos were taken October 2, 2004. 

In the lower photos, the stone of their daughter, Phebe Annie Winder Sherrett is also seen.  In one photo, the footstones for Phebe Annie (P.A.S.) and her daughter Birddie B. (B.B.S.) are in the foreground.
Buried next to Aaron and Adaline are their daughter, Phebe Annie Winder Sherrett.  Her three children, Birddie B., Bertha and Royal are also buried with her.

My thanks to Mr. Ralph L. Coleman, Jr. for sharing his information from the Freeman Funeral Home.  Their records that show that Bertha and Royal Sherrett are also buried at the Butcher Cemetery.  No stone has been found yet for Bertha or Royal.

The overall condition of the Butcher Cemtery in 1998 was quite poor. It has steadily improved over the years, not only around the Winder stones, but also for the whole cemetery. My thanks to the leaders of the Village of North Lewisburg, and the late Mr. Richard Holycross, who was dedicated to mowing the grounds and re-setting some of the broken stones. Obviously, it is an ongoing process and more needs to be done to identify and repair remaining fallen and broken stones that are scattered about the Butcher Cemetery.
Below the photographs are biographies for Aaron and Adaline Winder and their daughter, Phebe Annie.

Biography of Aaron Winder:

Aaron Winder was married twice; first to Phebe/Phoebe Van Pelt and second to Adaline D. Limes (daughter of Harmon and Mary McKee Limes). Below are some details about his life:

1850 U.S. Federal Census Reel #665, page 257A North Lewisburg: Aaron Winder, age 41; "Adalline", age 22; Sarah age 13; John M., age 11; Royal J., age 5; and "Pheba A.", age 1."
1870 U.S. Federal Census – NA Film M593-1179, page 335 Rush Twp., Champaign County, Ohio:
Aaron Winder, age 61; Adeline, age 44; Phebe A., age 21.
Aaron Winder and his first wife, Phebe VAN PELT are shown on page 313 of "Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy Volume V Ohio", by William Wade Hinshaw, the Fall Creek Monthly Meeting, Aaron Winder was "reported married to" Phebe Van Pelt on June 22, 1831.
"Encyclopedia American of Quaker Genealogy Volume V Ohio.", by William Wade Hinshaw, on page 290 of the Fairfield Monthly Meeting, April 30, 1831, "Aaron "gct" (granted certificate to) Fall Creek Monthly Meeting to marry Phebe Van Pelt." Also on page 290, "October 25, 1838, Aaron and wife Phebe and children, Mary V., Margaret and Sarah Elizabeth "gct" Goshen Monthly Meeting.
On page 1300 of "Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy Volume IV Ohio", by William Wade Hinshaw, the Goshen Monthly Meeting, John, son of Aaron and Phebe, was born on December 1, 1839. On the same page, March 14, 1842, Phebe Winder died and was buried in "Lewisburg".
Aaron Winder married Adaline D. LIMES on September 24, 1843 in Champaign County, Ohio (Volume D., Page 127).
On page 14 of the book entitled: "The Ballinger Family – 1660 – 1930":
"3. Aaron WINDER b. d. m 1. Phebe Vanfelt (Van Pelt) m. 2. Adaline Limea (Limes)
Children of Aaron and Phebe. 82 Mary Gregory Winder, 83 Margaret Winder, 84 Sarah Elizabeth Winder, 85 John M. Winder.
Children of Aaron and Adaline. 86 Phoebe Ann, 87 Royal J."
On page 49 of "History of North Lewisburg, Ohio – 1826-1976", under the heading of "Business Recollections", (page 53 in 2001 re-print under the heading of "Recollections and Pictures of the Past) a paragraph is devoted to Aaron Winder. His hotel was the first business in 1837 in North Lewisburg. A small country store was located on one end of the building. $211 was the purchase price for the building lot and stable. "Borders paid $1.50 per week and transits from $.50 to $.75 a day."
Aaron Winder was also an early Mayor of North Lewisburg, Ohio.

Biography of Adaline D. Limes Winder (later Winder, Ballenger, Dailey):

Adaline D. Limes Winder was the youngest daughter of Harmon Limes and Mary McKee Limes. She is buried next to her first husband, Aaron Winder and near their daughter, Phebe Annie Winder Sherrett. Also on the plot with them is Aaron and Adaline's grand-daughter Birddie B. Sherrett.

Adaline and Aaron also had a son, Royal J. Winder, who is buried at the Oak Dale Cemetery in Urbana, Ohio.
She began her life as Adaline D. Limes and 72 years (and four husbands) later she would see it close as Mrs. Henry M. ("Addie" or "Adda") Dailey - or so her death records and newspaper obituary would read. Adaline Limes was born on April 28, 1826 most probably in Fayette County, Ohio as her parents, Harmon (Jr.) and Mary McKee Limes were living in that Virginia Military District county at the time. Her family ancestry originated from Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia where her father and his brothers, William and Henry, lived along with a sister, Margaret, who married a Joshua Bishop.
Adaline's first marriage was to Aaron Winder who was born November 9, 1808. They married on September 24, 1843 and resided in North Lewisburg, Champaign County, Ohio. The couple had two children: Royal J. (March 30, 1845 - July 19, 1888; buried in Oak Dale Cemetery in Urbana, Ohio) and Phebe Annie (November 22, 1848 - September 1, 1884).
Royal was joined in marriage to Louisa Gump on February 27, 1868, in Champaign County, Ohio. He served in the Civil War in the 134th Regiment, Company "A". Royal and Louisa had one daughter, Nellie, who married Eugene Vatet in Champaign County, Ohio, on January 31, 1889, and later moved to Muncie, Indiana.
Phebe Annie married Eli Sherrett, a North Lewisburg dentist.
On May 6, 1880, Aaron Winder passed away. He is buried in the Butcher Cemetery (also known as Walnut Grove or simply the North Lewisburg Cemetery).
On August 24, 1880, Adaline Limes Winder married her deceased husband's older brother, Thomas. They married in Union County, Ohio. (Thomas had previously been married to Hannah Wildman.) This marriage was not to be long-lived as Thomas Winder died on October 4, 1882. He and his first wife are buried together at the Friends Cemetery in North Lewisburg.
Aaron and Thomas Winder were the sons of Abner and Hope Ballinger Winder.
On May 14, 1884, Adaline married for her third time to Rev. William W. Ballinger of Logan County, Ohio. On March 12, 1887, Adaline left her life-long affiliation with the Friends to join the West Mansfield Methodist Episcopal Church. On September 7, 1892, Rev. Ballinger died and was buried in the Southardtown Cemetery in York Township, Union County, Ohio along with his previous wife Hannah.
On June 21, 1893, Adaline Limes Winder Winder Ballinger married for her fourth and final time to Henry M. Dailey of Bellefontaine, Ohio. He was a widower of two years. This marriage lasted until Adaline's death on May 29, 1898. Henry died four years later in 1902 (buried on December 20, 1902; per cemetery records). He is buried in the Bellefontaine Cemetery next to his prior wife, Mary.

Biography of Phebe Annie Winder Sherrett:

Phebe Annie Winder Sherrett was the first wife of Eli Sherrett. Her parents were Aaron and Adaline D. (Limes) Winder. Her brother was Royal J. Winder of Urbana, Ohio.

In the Appendix of the book, "Ancestry of James Shanks of Huron County, Ohio". By Harry S. Blaine, self-published in 1951 in Toledo, Ohio, appears "Genealogy of the Eli Sherrett Family." Eli Sherrett married Anna Winder (AKA Phebe/Phebe Annie) of North Lewisburg, Ohio on March 13, 1871. Children listed: Birdie Blanche, born July 27, 1872; died July 6, 1880; Addie May, born December 1, 1874; Royal Winder, born March 15, 1879, and died August 19, 1904; and Bertha Elizabeth, born December 10, 1881, and died September 10, 1901.
Per the book, "Champaign County, Ohio Newspaper Abstracts….. May 1871 to 1884", published in December 2000, Pat Stickley, by the Champaign County Genealogical Society:
Page 4:
(for March 23, 1871) – "Married 13th inst. Residence of bride's parents at North Lewisburg by Rev. Dr. Flood, Dr. E. Sherrett of Eddyville, IA and Miss Annie Winder."
Per the book, "Champaign County, Ohio Newspaper Abstracts….. January 1884 to December 1885 & January 1886 to December 1888", published in January, 2002, Pat Stickley, by the Champaign County Genealogical Society:
Page 25:
(for September 4, 1884) – "Mrs. Sherrett, wife of Mayor Sherrett and sister of Royal Winder of Urbana died last night; she leaves 3 children, the youngest 3 years and the oldest 10 years."

Monday, October 19, 2009

Black River Historical Society of Lorain, Ohio - Tour of Charleston Cemetery in Lorain - Saturday, October 24, 2009

Latest information as of October 19, 2009:

The tour is of the Charleston Cemetery (oldest in Lorain ) located between 6th and 7th Streets in Lorain and not far from the Museum.
Cost for the hayride is $5.00/person.

The Ghost Watch is currently sold out with tours at 7:00 – 9:00; 9:30 – 11:30 and Midnight – 2:00 a.m. – cost for this is $25.

However, if we get additional requests for the Ghost Watch we may schedule another date with the ORBS – Ohio Researchers of Banded Spirits.

The Fortune Teller is $10 for ten minutes.
Food ranges between $1 - $2. and includes Chili, Hot Dogs, Cider, Donuts, S’mores and Coffee. We will also have a bonfire with a storyteller.
Thank you.
Cheryl Deptula
Black River Historical Society

All outside fun begins at 6:00pm until 9:00pm in the backyard of the Black River Historical Society, 309 W 5th St.,Lorain, OH.
Call 440-245-2563 for more information."
Link below to Charleston Cemetery on"Findagrave.com" where  36 interments are currently listed. 
 The title page offers an in-depth history of the Charleston Cemetery including the fact that it was originally known as the Bank Street Cemetery.  It is the oldest cemetery in the City of Lorain.


Maple Grove Cemetery - Rush Township - Champaign County, Ohio

Read below comment from Ralph Lowell Coleman, Jr. about the "North Lewisburg Cemetery" post card:


A very nice treasure! I recognize the spot where the camera probably sat...just west of the "Precinct Vault" and slightly to the north. The view is toward the southeast. There are graves now where we see an open hillside, and where the first few lines of spectators are standing.


Click on Title to access Maple Grove Cemetery on "Findagrave.com" where  currently 161 burials are listed with varying amounts of individual information. 

Thank you for sharing, Ralph!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Union Township - Fayette County, Ohio - Bush Cemetery, Sugar Creek Baptist and Sugar Creek Methodist Cemeteries

Click on Title to link to the Union Township Cemeteries page found on the site for the Fayette County Township Association. 

The site includes a few nice photographs of each cemetery, regulations, policies and fees information. 

At present, the other townships in Fayette County of Concord, Green, Jasper, Jefferson, Madison, Marion, Paint, Perry, and Wayne do not offer cemetery information on this site.  Hopefully, these townships will follow Union Township's example and offer photographs and other information about their cemeteries soon.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Spotlighting Isaac McClung, Jr. and his wife, Martha Matilda Abrams McClung

Martha McClung is buried alone at the Butcher Cemetery in North Lewisburg, Champaign County, Ohio. 

Her husband, Isaac McClung, Jr. was buried at Maple Grove Cemetery in Rush Township, just outside of North Lewisburg.

Pictures below are courtesy of Gordon McClung, descendant.  Thank you for sharing, Gordon!

Link to Martha's memorial on "Findagrave.com":

Additional notes from Ralph L. Coleman, Jr. regarding Isaac McClung:

"There is only one Isaac McClung in the records for Maple Grove Cemetery. He is not distinguished by a Sr. or Jr.

He is buried in Square 18, Lot 2, Grave 2. In the same lot are:

Lucy McClung, Square 18, Lot 2, Grave 1, "1991" as additional information.

Lebanon McClung, Square 18, Lot 2, Grave 3, no additional information.

Infant of Lebanon McClung, Square 18, Lot 2, Grave 4, no additional information.

There are no known records for Freeman Funeral Home for the period 1910-early 1926, so I have not way of ascertaining if this is the Isaac McClung, Jr., you discussed in your e-mail."

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Erie Street Cemetery - Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio - New story about Cuyahoga Community College Students cleaning up Erie Street Cemetery and taking an active interest in its history

Click on title to link to a wonderful story in today's Cleveland "Plain Dealer" in the "Metro Section" about how students from Cuyahoga Community College are helping to maintain Cleveland's early burial ground, the Erie Street Cemetery. 

This is a "win - win" activity that more students can take a lesson from.

Link to the Early Settlers Association of the Western Reserve:

Friday, October 9, 2009

Taking a Family Trip Down Limes Road in Fayette County, Ohio

Above is a scanned image of my contribution to a supplement to the Fayette County, Ohio newspaper (Washington Court House) "Record Herald" called the "Spectrum" dated February 27, 2004. 

My story is about my Limes family ancestors who resided primarily in Perry Township, near New Martinsburg, and were later buried at such cemeteries as Walnut Creek, Sheep Pen (AKA Limes AKA Gustin), Cochran, as well as Staunton and Good Hope. 

Other surnames such as Ellis, Wilson, Jury, Cockerill and Todhunter are mentioned. 

This illustrates yet another opportunity we have to share our knowledge of our ancestors - to write their stories for publication in print matter large or small; well known or little known. 

You never know who may one day find and read your story and thus learn so much more because you chose to contribute your research and knowledge of your family's history.

Monroe Street Cemetery "Haunted Cleveland" Tour - Sunday, October 11, 2009 - 2:00p.m.

Click on Title to link to a Cleveland "Plain Dealer" story (October 9, 2009) in the "Friday" entertainment supplement about a cemetery tour of the Monroe Street Cemetery, located at 3207 Monroe Street in Cleveland slated for Sunday, October 11, 2009, beginning at 2:00p.m. that also has a worthwhile purpose - to repair the cemetery's 1876 gate house with the money raised from the tour's admissions. 

The advertised cost of the tour is $15.00.  

During the tour, costumed interpreters will be at different gravesites telling true life stories of some of Monroe Street Cemetery's more interesting and colorful "residents."  

  A link below to Monroe Street Cemetery on "Findagrave.com" (shows map, records location information, and brief history - 1,144 currently listed interments):

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Robert Wesley Limes - son of William W. Limes and Jennie Ward Limes

Click on title to link to memorial on Findagrave.com for:

Robert Wesley Limes

Columbus Dispatch - April 11, 1931 - page 2
(Son of William and Jennie Ward Limes)
"Heart Disease is Fatal to Robert Wesley Limes"
Robert Wesley Limes, age 43, construction engineer with the Middle States Construction Co., died unexpectedly Saturday morning, of heart disease at his home, 1447 North Fifth Street.
Mr. Limes, previous to his connection with the Middle States Construction Co., was associated with the Evans Construction Co. He was a member of York Lodge of Masons, No. 563, F. & A. M. and the Scottish Rites. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Leila Limes; a step-son, Jack; a step-daughter, Louise; and three daughters, Mrs. Vera Miller of Wilmington, California, Mrs. Ray Rabbe (should be Raabe) 1109 Cole Street, and Mrs. Martha Radcliff of Circleville, and his step-mother, Mrs. Emma Limes, 739 Reinhard Avenue. Funeral arrangements are being completed by the A. J. Held Co.

From the death notice of April 13, 1931 - page 2A:
LIMES, Robert Wesley, aged 43, construction engineer, who died Saturday at his home, 1441 North Fifth Street, will be buried in Green Lawn Cemetery following services at 1:30p.m., Tuesday, at the residence. Additional services will be held at 2:00p.m. at West Fourth Avenue Church of Christ.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Marker at Martha Hitler Park in Washington Township, Pickaway County, Ohio

Click on title to link to the Pickaway County, Ohio Park District's site and a story they featured that first appeard in the "Circleville Herald" on July 2, 2009 about the installation of a new and extraordinarily large granite marker at the Martha Hitler Park. 

The story goes on to relate that the Hitler family (no relation at all to Adolf Hitler!) were early settlers in Pickaway County.  There is also a Hitler-Ludwig Cemetery south of Circleville.

Link to Hitler-Ludwig Cemetery on "Findagrave.com":


Monday, October 5, 2009

Thanking those who participated in restoring Greenfield's Old Burying Ground Wall

It is my pleasure to provide a further report on the ceremonies that were held in honor of the participants who worked for over two years to reconstruct the wall that borders the Old Burying Ground in Greenfield (Madison Township), Highland County, Ohio. 

In the process, many broken displaced tombstones that had been scattered around the grounds and sinking out of sight in some cases, were cemented inside the wall with whatever is left of their inscriptions in view to give them their own significant place in the cemetery. 

The group effort was a labor of love - the photographs prove how worthwhile and lasting the result of their efforts are that turned an 'almost forgotten' pioneer burial ground into one which the Greenfield community and all visitors can take pride in..

(Photo below):
From left to right:
Earlene Scott, Vice President of Greenfield Historical Society (GHS), Teddy Higginbotham, Everett Harvey, and John Daugherty-Volunteers and Lifetime Members of the GHS, Wendy Royse, Co President GHS.

June 2, 2007 - "Before Photo" of a portion of the crumbling wall of the Old Burying Ground (interior view) prior to restoration:

October 3, 2009 - "After Photo" of the Old Burying Ground reconstructed wall - partial interior view illustrating how the broken tombstones were incorporated into the wall:

"Greenfield residents celebrated Greenfield History Day 3 Oct 2009 and for one group of volunteers it was an especially fitting end to almost three years of work.
Spring 2007 marked the beginning of efforts to built a stone and mortar wall along boundaries of the "Old Burying Ground" or as sometimes referred to as the "Old Pioneer Cemetery" located adjacent to the Travellers' Rest, Headquarters of the Greenfield Historical Society (GHS).
John Daugherty, Teddy Higginbotham, and Everett Harvey were the lead volunteers for restoring the wall and worked throughout the more than two and one-half years almost every Saturday morning. The three were honored Saturday by the City of Greenfield and the Greenfield Historical Society for their contributions. A City Proclamation setting aside 3 October 09, as a day of honor for the three was read by Tati Cunningham, Greenfield City Councilwoman. Following that, co-president, Wendy Royse, of the GHS, presented lifetime GHS memberships to the three."

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Atwater Cemetery in Atwater - Portage County, Ohio - News Story link to Civil War Monument Re-dedication set for Saturday, October 10, 2009

Click on title to link to the story of Sunday, October 4, 2009 seen on Cleveland television station, WKYC, about a Civil War Monument that was struck and knocked down several months ago at the cemetery in Atwater, Ohio that has now been restored. 

The monument at the Atwater Cemetery was erected to commemorate the service and life of John H. Grate, who was the last living Civil War veteran of Portage County at the time of his death. 

Related Links for this story:

Link to Memorial page for John H. Grate on "Findagrave.com":


Link to the Atwater Cemetery's main page on "Findagrave.com":


Link to the "Grate Day" activities planned for Saturday, October 10, 2009 in Atwater, Ohio as found on the website for the Atwater Historical Society:


Greenfield, Ohio - Photos of Cemetery Wall for the Old Burying Ground

Many thanks to Earlene Scott of Greenfield for providing these photographs of both inside and outside views of the stone wall surrounding the front of the Old Burying Ground next to the historic Travellers Rest in Greenfield, Highland County, Ohio.  The dedication ceremonies were held on October 3, 2009.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Greenfield, Ohio - Old Burying Ground Ceremonies Details - October 3, 2009

Thanking those who participated

Greenfield Historical Society - Cemetery Wall Dedication
Saturday, 3 October, 2009

Welcome and History - Earlene Scott
Vice President Greenfield Historical Society
Reading of Veterans of the Cemetery
Mr Gary Cropper, Rep of Concerned Veterans
Volunteers and the Wall
Harold Schmidt
Introduction of Volunteers - Earlene Scott
John Daugherty, Teddy Higginbotham, Everette Harvey
Unveiling of Plaque
Wendy Royse, Harold Schmidt
Harvey Everhart , Chairman of Greenfield City Council
Presentation of Life Memberships
Wendy Royse
Prayer of Dedication
Pastor Tim Mohon, First Baptist Church
To Those Gone Before Us
To Those Who Serve Today
To Those Who Hold The Future In Their Hands
City of Greenfield
Hardy Memorials
Martin Marietta Materials-Gary Grate
McDonalds, KFC, Who’s Place
Greenfield Rotary Club
Hanson Aggregates
Deatley Realty
Dr and Mrs LaVar Hall
Judge Robert Judkins
Dr and Mrs Eric Borsini
Hamilton Electric
Mr and Mrs Drew Parker
Mr and Mrs Bob Watts
Mr Winston Duckworth
Ms Betty Jackman
Mr Terry Karnes
John Daugherty, Teddy Higginbotham, Everette Harvey
Members of Greenfield Historical Society
High Priest Quorum of Columbus, Ohio Stake (LDS Men)
Greenfield and Area Residents

(Click on title for link to the current Findagrave.com listing for the Old Burying Ground)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Calvary Cemetery - Lorain, Ohio - Taking a Closer Look at the Szczepankiewicz burials

Click on Title for Szczepankiewicz burials listed on "Findagrave.com" for Calvary Cemetery in Lorain, Ohio

The later generations of this Szczepankiewicz household changed their family surname to Stevens and it is shown in smaller print on this stone.  

This is a good example which serves to remind us to be sure and take that second closer look at the inscriptions on gravestones, especially if only transcribing them without taking photographs.   

Erie Street Cemetery Marker Dedication - Cleveland - Saturday - October 3, 2009

Click on title for link to a "Plain Dealer" newspaper notice announcing the dedication of an Ohio Historical Society marker at the Erie Street Cemetery in Cleveland on Saturday, October 3, 2009 at 1:00p.m.

Link below to Erie Street Cemetery's contributor burial listings on the website of "Findagrave.com":


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"History Works II" - "Cemetery Tutorial"

Click on title to link to the "History Works II - "Cemetery Tutorial" found on the website of http://www.historyworksohio.org/

The information provides some helpful hints and a look at some basics of researching and interpreting gravestones and cemeteries that we all need to be reminded of even if we visit them often.

Greenfield Ohio's History Day, Saturday, October 3, 2009 - Reminder

Click on title for the schedule of events for "History Day" coming up this Saturday, October 3, in Greenfield, Highland County, Ohio.

A reminder that at 11:30a.m., the stone wall (containing displaced gravestones) dedication will be held at the Old Burying Grounds near the Travellers Rest. 

"The wall has been rebuilt by John Daugherty and his crew along with volunteers from the community.  John and his crew will be honored during the dedication." 

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Further information about the Mount Tabor Church tour tomorrow - September 27, 2009

Article and photograph below are featured on the front page of the newspaper "The Urbana Daily Citizen"- Urbana, Ohio - in the September 26, 2009 issue:

Note the information provided about the earliest burials at the Mount Tabor Cemetery and the recent restoration work done to the zinc grave markers.  The cemetery contains one of the tallest zinc, "white bronze" markers I have ever seen.

Below is a "before photograph' of the leaning obelisk from "graveaddiction.com" - a wonderful site of cemetery descriptions and gravestone photographs run by Beth Santore:

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Information Update for Maple Grove & Woodstock Cemetery Transcription Records by Ralph L. Coleman, Jr.

Currently, Mr. Coleman is accepting look-up requests for anyone who is researching burials in either the Maple Grove or Woodstock cemeteries.

Researchers can contact Ralph at rlcolemanjr@hotmail.com or by writing to him at: 1536 Robins Circle, Ogden, Utah 84404, with their specific requests. A stamped, self-addressed envelope is appreciated for use in returns.

Please note, if a research request requires extensive printing beyond one or two sheets of paper, the researcher will need to provide postage reimbursement instead of a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

Click on Title to be linked to Ralph's blog, "Along Spain Creek"