Friday, December 9, 2016

Remembering a National Hero and Ohio Son - John Herschel Glenn Jr.

My thoughts:  At this time in America, and indeed around the world, we who now live can attest to witnessing and or personally experiencing an atmosphere of increased divisiveness amongst people who are at odds with one another on many fronts. 

We can also take time individually and collectively, to reflect on the life of one man, an Ohioan named John Herschel Glenn, Jr. , who brought us together through his long life of service to America on many fronts; and now with the sad news of his passing.  We remember and honor John Glenn, and express our gratitude for his many contributions that left our world a better place because of what he did to positively change it.   


Sharing below only a few of the many websites with information about the life of American veteran, senator, astronaut, and proud Ohio native, John Glenn; with heartfelt tributes to his life of service, and sincere condolences to his family for their profound loss.:

Life History of John Herschel Glenn, Jr. - Wikipedia

Profile of John Glenn - NASA

Find A Grave

Cleveland dot com

New York Times


The John & Annie Glenn Museum

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