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"A cemetery may be considered as abandoned when all or practically all of the bodies have been Removed therefrom and no bodies have been buried therein for a great many years, and the cemetery has been so long neglected as entirely to lose its identity as such, and is no longer known, recognized and respected by the public as a cemetery. 1953 OAG 2978."

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Spotlighting the Greenfield Historical Society - Greenfield, Highland County, Ohio

The Greenfield Historical Society in Greenfield, Highland County, Ohio, has a wonderful website containing several links with online information available to the public. 

Click on title to link to the Home Page of The Greenfield Historical Society.
The  Genealogical Information page contains several links including to the Sheep Pen Cemetery listing of 2010.  

Other links include:

"SOGS" is the genealogical society for Highland County, Ohio.  Their genealogy resource library collection is kept at Southern State College in Hillsboro, Ohio.

A link to their history of the life of  Noble Edward Irwin - "A brief summary of one of Greenfield's most highly decorated serviceman." 

The three-generation Patterson Family Tree 

and several others.

The Greenfield Historical Society
103 McArthur Way
Greenfield, Ohio 45123
If your ancestors lived in southern Perry Township, Fayette County, Ohio and/or Madison Township, Highland County, Ohio, the City of Greenfield would be one of the larger nearby cities for them to visit for shopping, etc.  The county boundary line in the early days was "invisible" and many early settlers owned land in both counties.