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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Spotlighting Washington Cemetery in Washington Court House, Fayette County, Ohio

Sending my thanks to Gail Allen, who visited the Washington Cemetery and its office on November 2, 2012.   

Gail so kindly shares some of her findings with us from her trip. 

Below are some of the photographs from Gail's visit.  

Included are photos that were requested by folks on "Find A Grave" who live at a distance and wish to see what their ancestors' gravestones look like. 

Also, Gail has provided a helpful cemetery map with section notations that can help a visitor find their way around the Washington Cemetery.   

Plus, Gail shares some good news about upcoming changes that will make finding your friends and family buried at the Washington Cemetery a lot easier in a few months!!


~~Washington Cemetery Map~~:
From Gail:

"As you can see on the map, the sections to the right of #'s 32, 29, 25, 22, and 21, are the newer sections and the road from the second entranceway photo, is the road between  B and E.
Sections 9, 13, 17, and 14 are the older ones where many veterans are; used after burials stopped at the Old Wash Cem."


~~News of Washington Cemetery Records to be online on the city's website~~:

From Gail:

"Good news! The Washington Cemetery is working with a programmer in Michigan who is getting all of their records online. I saw the model and it looks good. 

In late May of next year, anyone will be able to access any person's name on the City Cemetery website, to see if they or a relative is there and where."

~~Tombstone photos Gail took that were requested by Find A Grave members~~:

 From Gail:

"First, I will get the bad news out of the way. 
There is no record of any **Minnie Barton in the cemetery. 
Their records go back to 1845. 
She checked several Barton's to see if there were any matching names/relatives."
My thoughts are that perhaps "Minnie" married again and had a new married name?  Her name on Find A Grave is posted as:

Speaking of the surname of "Hatfield" - another tombstone photo request in the list was for Charles Osborn Hatfield
Gail located his gravesite in Section 2 and and photographed his flat marker shown above.  
It is now posted on his "Find A Grave" memorial.  
Thanks Gail -- and the photo requester is grateful!!
 Section 1, Lot 10
Dasie Cockerill  -- Another photo request fulfilled!

Section 5, Lot 73
The photo request was for Burrus M. Holcomb. 
 Charlotte Holcomb had not been posted yet on "Find A Grave."  
After I saw Charlotte's name on the monument, I created a separate "Find A Grave" memorial for her and added the tombstone photo.  
Thus, this photo that Gail took appears on both memorials.  
By the way, the "Find A Grave" Photo Volunteer Program is a wonderful feature of the website that has enabled so many people to view photos of the grave markers of their friends and loved ones that they might not otherwise have the joy of seeing.   
The photo volunteers do not charge; it is a labor of love for them!
So, it is always a courteous gesture for the requester to send the volunteer a thank you note for fulfilling their request.  The notes are always welcome!
All photo volunteers are to be congratulated for their time and effort in providing this valuable service that is appreciated by so many, including by this writer!!
 More photographs from Gail below:
  Main entrance on Washington Avenue
   Above: New Office
 A longer distance view of the new office at the Washington Cemetery