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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Aaron and Adaline (Limes) Winder at the Butcher Cemetery - North Lewisburg - Champaign County, Ohio

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Below are photos showing the Aaron and Adaline (Limes) Winder stones at the Butcher Cemetery in North Lewisburg. 
The top photograph was taken September 6, 1998 and the lower two photos were taken October 2, 2004. 

In the lower photos, the stone of their daughter, Phebe Annie Winder Sherrett is also seen.  In one photo, the footstones for Phebe Annie (P.A.S.) and her daughter Birddie B. (B.B.S.) are in the foreground.
Buried next to Aaron and Adaline are their daughter, Phebe Annie Winder Sherrett.  Her three children, Birddie B., Bertha and Royal are also buried with her.

My thanks to Mr. Ralph L. Coleman, Jr. for sharing his information from the Freeman Funeral Home.  Their records that show that Bertha and Royal Sherrett are also buried at the Butcher Cemetery.  No stone has been found yet for Bertha or Royal.

The overall condition of the Butcher Cemtery in 1998 was quite poor. It has steadily improved over the years, not only around the Winder stones, but also for the whole cemetery. My thanks to the leaders of the Village of North Lewisburg, and the late Mr. Richard Holycross, who was dedicated to mowing the grounds and re-setting some of the broken stones. Obviously, it is an ongoing process and more needs to be done to identify and repair remaining fallen and broken stones that are scattered about the Butcher Cemetery.
Below the photographs are biographies for Aaron and Adaline Winder and their daughter, Phebe Annie.

Biography of Aaron Winder:

Aaron Winder was married twice; first to Phebe/Phoebe Van Pelt and second to Adaline D. Limes (daughter of Harmon and Mary McKee Limes). Below are some details about his life:

1850 U.S. Federal Census Reel #665, page 257A North Lewisburg: Aaron Winder, age 41; "Adalline", age 22; Sarah age 13; John M., age 11; Royal J., age 5; and "Pheba A.", age 1."
1870 U.S. Federal Census – NA Film M593-1179, page 335 Rush Twp., Champaign County, Ohio:
Aaron Winder, age 61; Adeline, age 44; Phebe A., age 21.
Aaron Winder and his first wife, Phebe VAN PELT are shown on page 313 of "Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy Volume V Ohio", by William Wade Hinshaw, the Fall Creek Monthly Meeting, Aaron Winder was "reported married to" Phebe Van Pelt on June 22, 1831.
"Encyclopedia American of Quaker Genealogy Volume V Ohio.", by William Wade Hinshaw, on page 290 of the Fairfield Monthly Meeting, April 30, 1831, "Aaron "gct" (granted certificate to) Fall Creek Monthly Meeting to marry Phebe Van Pelt." Also on page 290, "October 25, 1838, Aaron and wife Phebe and children, Mary V., Margaret and Sarah Elizabeth "gct" Goshen Monthly Meeting.
On page 1300 of "Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy Volume IV Ohio", by William Wade Hinshaw, the Goshen Monthly Meeting, John, son of Aaron and Phebe, was born on December 1, 1839. On the same page, March 14, 1842, Phebe Winder died and was buried in "Lewisburg".
Aaron Winder married Adaline D. LIMES on September 24, 1843 in Champaign County, Ohio (Volume D., Page 127).
On page 14 of the book entitled: "The Ballinger Family – 1660 – 1930":
"3. Aaron WINDER b. d. m 1. Phebe Vanfelt (Van Pelt) m. 2. Adaline Limea (Limes)
Children of Aaron and Phebe. 82 Mary Gregory Winder, 83 Margaret Winder, 84 Sarah Elizabeth Winder, 85 John M. Winder.
Children of Aaron and Adaline. 86 Phoebe Ann, 87 Royal J."
On page 49 of "History of North Lewisburg, Ohio – 1826-1976", under the heading of "Business Recollections", (page 53 in 2001 re-print under the heading of "Recollections and Pictures of the Past) a paragraph is devoted to Aaron Winder. His hotel was the first business in 1837 in North Lewisburg. A small country store was located on one end of the building. $211 was the purchase price for the building lot and stable. "Borders paid $1.50 per week and transits from $.50 to $.75 a day."
Aaron Winder was also an early Mayor of North Lewisburg, Ohio.

Biography of Adaline D. Limes Winder (later Winder, Ballenger, Dailey):

Adaline D. Limes Winder was the youngest daughter of Harmon Limes and Mary McKee Limes. She is buried next to her first husband, Aaron Winder and near their daughter, Phebe Annie Winder Sherrett. Also on the plot with them is Aaron and Adaline's grand-daughter Birddie B. Sherrett.

Adaline and Aaron also had a son, Royal J. Winder, who is buried at the Oak Dale Cemetery in Urbana, Ohio.
She began her life as Adaline D. Limes and 72 years (and four husbands) later she would see it close as Mrs. Henry M. ("Addie" or "Adda") Dailey - or so her death records and newspaper obituary would read. Adaline Limes was born on April 28, 1826 most probably in Fayette County, Ohio as her parents, Harmon (Jr.) and Mary McKee Limes were living in that Virginia Military District county at the time. Her family ancestry originated from Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia where her father and his brothers, William and Henry, lived along with a sister, Margaret, who married a Joshua Bishop.
Adaline's first marriage was to Aaron Winder who was born November 9, 1808. They married on September 24, 1843 and resided in North Lewisburg, Champaign County, Ohio. The couple had two children: Royal J. (March 30, 1845 - July 19, 1888; buried in Oak Dale Cemetery in Urbana, Ohio) and Phebe Annie (November 22, 1848 - September 1, 1884).
Royal was joined in marriage to Louisa Gump on February 27, 1868, in Champaign County, Ohio. He served in the Civil War in the 134th Regiment, Company "A". Royal and Louisa had one daughter, Nellie, who married Eugene Vatet in Champaign County, Ohio, on January 31, 1889, and later moved to Muncie, Indiana.
Phebe Annie married Eli Sherrett, a North Lewisburg dentist.
On May 6, 1880, Aaron Winder passed away. He is buried in the Butcher Cemetery (also known as Walnut Grove or simply the North Lewisburg Cemetery).
On August 24, 1880, Adaline Limes Winder married her deceased husband's older brother, Thomas. They married in Union County, Ohio. (Thomas had previously been married to Hannah Wildman.) This marriage was not to be long-lived as Thomas Winder died on October 4, 1882. He and his first wife are buried together at the Friends Cemetery in North Lewisburg.
Aaron and Thomas Winder were the sons of Abner and Hope Ballinger Winder.
On May 14, 1884, Adaline married for her third time to Rev. William W. Ballinger of Logan County, Ohio. On March 12, 1887, Adaline left her life-long affiliation with the Friends to join the West Mansfield Methodist Episcopal Church. On September 7, 1892, Rev. Ballinger died and was buried in the Southardtown Cemetery in York Township, Union County, Ohio along with his previous wife Hannah.
On June 21, 1893, Adaline Limes Winder Winder Ballinger married for her fourth and final time to Henry M. Dailey of Bellefontaine, Ohio. He was a widower of two years. This marriage lasted until Adaline's death on May 29, 1898. Henry died four years later in 1902 (buried on December 20, 1902; per cemetery records). He is buried in the Bellefontaine Cemetery next to his prior wife, Mary.

Biography of Phebe Annie Winder Sherrett:

Phebe Annie Winder Sherrett was the first wife of Eli Sherrett. Her parents were Aaron and Adaline D. (Limes) Winder. Her brother was Royal J. Winder of Urbana, Ohio.

In the Appendix of the book, "Ancestry of James Shanks of Huron County, Ohio". By Harry S. Blaine, self-published in 1951 in Toledo, Ohio, appears "Genealogy of the Eli Sherrett Family." Eli Sherrett married Anna Winder (AKA Phebe/Phebe Annie) of North Lewisburg, Ohio on March 13, 1871. Children listed: Birdie Blanche, born July 27, 1872; died July 6, 1880; Addie May, born December 1, 1874; Royal Winder, born March 15, 1879, and died August 19, 1904; and Bertha Elizabeth, born December 10, 1881, and died September 10, 1901.
Per the book, "Champaign County, Ohio Newspaper Abstracts….. May 1871 to 1884", published in December 2000, Pat Stickley, by the Champaign County Genealogical Society:
Page 4:
(for March 23, 1871) – "Married 13th inst. Residence of bride's parents at North Lewisburg by Rev. Dr. Flood, Dr. E. Sherrett of Eddyville, IA and Miss Annie Winder."
Per the book, "Champaign County, Ohio Newspaper Abstracts….. January 1884 to December 1885 & January 1886 to December 1888", published in January, 2002, Pat Stickley, by the Champaign County Genealogical Society:
Page 25:
(for September 4, 1884) – "Mrs. Sherrett, wife of Mayor Sherrett and sister of Royal Winder of Urbana died last night; she leaves 3 children, the youngest 3 years and the oldest 10 years."