Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Gail Shares Photographs of Gravestones at Two Almost Forgotten Gravesites at the Washington Cemetery in Washington Court House, Ohio.

Below are photographs of two gravestones marking now almost forgotten gravesites in the older section in  the Washington Cemetery in Washington Court House.  

Gail Allen has been visting the Washington Cemetery this past week and photographing several gravestones.  

Thank you, Gail, for sharing these gravestone photographs -- these two gravesites are forgotten no more!

We don't often see a gravestone with the name "John Doe.I have not posted one on my blog until now.  

Perhaps if there was an article or death notice published in the newspapers at the time of this person's death we might be able to learn his identity from the details.   

Unfortunately, there are no inscriptions for age or birth date either that might help us know if he was a child or an adult when he died.

There is also an epitaph below the "23 days" that I am not able to read from looking at the picture.  


I'm sure the broken L. Ried stone could be restored and thus the inscriptions made more readable. 

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