Sunday, September 15, 2013

"Ancestral Breezes" Blowing from Colorado to Ohio

I am sharing a blogpost entitled "The Cemetery Santa"  from the blog "Ancestral Breezes" written by Jen Baldwin of Summit County, Colorado.  

Jen's true story directly relates to cemeteries and the reasons they should be preserved.  It is a universal one that transcends state borders.  It contains truths and advice that are relevant to many cemeteries across America, including Ohio -- which became a state in 1803, and is heavily dotted with early pioneer cemeteries that have for too long been neglected and have fallen into various states of deterioration and disrepair.  

Bringing back the honor and respect every gravesite deserves requires time, patience, and participation from those who still care and are willing to invest some of their own resources to improve their future.  

I think you'll enjoy reading the blog post for many reasons, so that is why I've decided to step out of Ohio for moment and share it with you.  

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