Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tombstone Inscriptions Reveal if Your Ancestors were Quakers

So, you have visited the gravesites of some of your ancestors, and luckily for them (and you!), original and readable gravestones mark their final resting places.  

However, while paying your respects, you note something different about how the death date was inscribed -- an oddity you know you haven't seen on other gravestones.  You realize you do not see the name of the month; but rather the number of the month after the word"DIED".  For example,  you see"8th Month".  What does this mean?   

To help explain the reasons for the preference to use the number of the month rather than its name, we can turn to a well-written article in the "Quaker Calendar". 

We also need to consider the result of a larger element that over time has changed the world's dating system.  
For gaining a better understanding of these date changes, I have utilized a helpful resource provided at the website: 
"Search For Ancestors" and their page:
Finally, I access the "Ancestor Birthday Search Calendar" to determine the date of birth; actually a calculated birth date, and I denote it as such.  
Thus, we can make this our first step on our longer journey to learn more about the lives of our Quaker ancestors!

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