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"A cemetery may be considered as abandoned when all or practically all of the bodies have been Removed therefrom and no bodies have been buried therein for a great many years, and the cemetery has been so long neglected as entirely to lose its identity as such, and is no longer known, recognized and respected by the public as a cemetery. 1953 OAG 2978."

Monday, June 29, 2009

"Cemetery Data" & "Burials on the Web" ("BOW")

Dave Burrowes
Office: 937-604-0708
Cell: 800-648-7547 Office: dburrowes@cemeterydata.com
(***Please contact Mr. Burrowes directly with any questions you may have - thank you!)
"Burials on the Web Client List"

"These clients provide public burial searches with Burials on the Web."

David's Cemetery Association, Kettering, Ohio

Rest Haven Memorial Park, Cincinnati, Ohio"

Union Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio:


Greenwood, Hamilton, OH:


Maple Hill, Tipp City, OH:


Nile Township in Scioto County, Ohio

Friendship Cemetery, McKendree Cemetery, and Worley Run (AKA Worleys Run/Odle Creek Cem):

The Catholic Diocese Of Columbus - Holy Cross Cemetery, Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Resurrection Cemetery and St. Joseph Cemetery:


Background history and further information of services provided below by Mr. David Burowes.

Information also regarding "ARCHIVE" with a demo of the program and how it works for cemeteries who set up and use the "ARCHIVE" system:

"My wife Jan and I have been providing record management systems to cemeteries for 30 years.

Jan was the office manager at Wisconsin Memorial Park, a large Brookfield, WI cemetery doing around 2500 burials each year. Her boss and mentor William Downey, was an exceptional industry spokesman and advocate for pre-arrangement and memorialization.

In the fall of 1978, I thought my involvement with "Cemetery Software" was to be the typical trivial weekend "fix another computer problem for a friend" kind of thing I had built my reputation on.

Now 30 years, 5 grand children, 250+ clients and 5 or 6 hundred cemeteries later trying to make sure all those records are preserved and maintained for another hundred or thousand years we formed Cemetery Data Corp. to support, design and develop a migration path for our existing clients. Due to the limited resources available to our smaller clients, about 10 years ago we elected to build our next generation software using open source components.

I anticipated that changes in software licensing and the demands to convert to updated versions of commercial products could make it difficult (or impossible) for some clients to maintain access to their records.

I didn't anticipate that so many in the next generation would be indifferent to the importance we've grown to believe is attached to the history recorded in our cemetery records.

The programs used to build ARCHIVE and BOW are freely available to any interested party. They run on computers utilizing the Linux operating system which is also freely available. That Linux incorporates the standard internet protocols at it's core makes intranet and internet access a natural extension of software developed in this environment. Collecting all the pieces, mixing in 50 years of cemetery and computer experience, adding the genius of some young incredibly talented computer types with an understanding of how to assemble the pieces into what a cemeterian and an old computer type direct has resulted in what you see as ARCHIVE and BOW at this point.

Our sister company, Cemetery Mapping Services, INC. provides the CAD services necessary for the maps you see on some of the sites. Our plan hasn't really changed all that much except that reduced contributions to commercial software development companies allow us to provide services, maintain a reasonable profit margin, and not expect our customers to be faced with major upgrade costs every year or two.

ARCHIVE is the first step in offering a property management system for any cemetery who wants (needs) it.

BOW (Burials on the Web) is a by-product of using ARCHIVE.

It has all developed as part of our attempt to provide a migration path for our Burial Space Manager (BSM) clients.

We offer training, mapping, support, and web-site development in variety of ways.

The following links will give you a better idea of some of what we've done."


"If you visit Olson, Anna at the BLC (Bethany Lutheran Cemetery) site you can get a look at Jan's Grandma and Grandpa and their marker":


"The ARCHIVE demo is self explanatory":


"The Referencelinks contain a few links to existing customer web sites."



"The diomad link is the beginning of a parish cemetery project we're involved in."


"I'm currently very involved in preparation of a business plan to assist our Indianapolis partners in obtaining some funding to improve the CDC infrastruture and I continue to support our existing BSM customers with hardware, training, mapping, and accounting assistance but I'm always interested in new ideas. "