Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spotlighting Sollars Cemetery - Inactive cemetery in Perry Township, Fayette County, Ohio

Photograph from "Find A Grave" courtesy of Christopher Duckworth
Thank you Christopher!!
This photograph also appears on page 1 of the publication: 
"Tombstone Inscriptions - Perry Township - Fayette County, Ohio"
by Charles R. Gossett & Peggy Gilmore - 2001
"This cemetery is located about a half mile east of State Route 41 half way between Miami Trace Road and Ghormley Road near the banks of the Paint Creek.  Jane Rankin got permission to enter the private property and accompanied Jack and Peggy Gilmore and Chuck Gossett to the site of the cemetery 12th of July, 1999. 

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Perry Township, Fayette County, Ohio is now on Facebook

Perry Township, Fayette County, Ohio contains the following cemeteries that are currently being maintained by the township trustees: 

Basic Information
 Perry Township was organized in 1845 from parts of Wayne and Green Townships
Location 45123 / 43160 / 45135

 Perry Township is a local governing board.
We control maintenance of township roads and cemeteries.
We consists of 3 trustees and a fiscal officer all elected by the public to the board.
Meetings are the second Monday every month at 6:30 pm.
Everyone is encouraged to attend.

General Information:


Howard D. Smith, Perry Township Fiscal Officer
11 Zimmerman Rd. SW. WCH 43160
(This is the address where all mail should be sent to) .


Richard L Wilson, Jr. -- 9725 Wash.-New Martinsburg Rd. SE, Washington C H OH  43160
Heath Dustin Smith -- 55 Zimmerman Rd. SW. Washington CH OH 43160
Sam Bowers 161 Greenfield-Sabina Rd. Greenfield 45123
 Sam Bowers
 Dusty Smith

From the January 2011 Township Trustee meeting minutes:

Motion by Smith sec by Wilson to divide roads and cemeteries as follows:
Ghormley Rd(New Mart to Bonner Rd) - Bonner Rd - Beatty Road

Ghormley Rd (Bonner to Paint Creek) - Staunton-Sugar Grove Road - Sturgeon Lane -

Walnut Creek Road, - Fishback Road, - Zimmerman Road, - Waln Road, - 500ft of East Monroe - Road Cross Road and

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Spotlighting the Washington Cemetery in Washington Court House - Fayette County, Ohio

Spotlighting the Washington Cemetery in Washington Court House, Fayette County, Ohio. 

Click on title to access the City of Washington Court House's site for its cemetery. 

Below is a photograph of the cemetery's restored fountain. 

There are currently 1,527 memorials posted for the Washington Cemetery on "Find A Grave".

Also below is a link to a site with information about the Freedom Fighters:

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