Monday, August 13, 2012

Stepping Outside of Ohio to Spotlight "Healing Stuart" -- A blog about the Plight of Stuart Cemetery in Polk County, Iowa

This blog post is to spotlight a beautiful heartfelt blog that is dedicated to bringing to light the deteriorating condition of the small Stuart Cemetery located in Polk County, Iowa. 

The Blog:  "Healing Stuart" was created by Bonita Davis who just happened to 'stumble upon' Stuart Cemetery because of photo requests that were submitted on Find A Grave for the cemetery.  One thing led to another and she developed a 'kinship' with the cemetery because of its deteriorating condition. 

Currently, there are 231 burials at the Stuart Cemetery listed on "Find A Grave."

Also, is another source for gravestone photographs in the state of Iowa, just like is for Ohio.  

Currently, the Stuart Cemetery in Polk County, Iowa has 107 approved gravestone photographs posted on the website.  

It is because of concerned people like Bonita, that smaller, almost forgotten cemeteries like the Stuart Cemetery, are given a second chance.  In turn, others learn about them and begin to take an interest which leads to steps taken that make a positive difference for the long-term future of the gravesites and the cemetery property.  

It is through improvements made by concerned individuals and groups working to preserve these almost forgotten gravesites and cemeteries that a secure future is assured to pass down so future generations will be able to one day visit and pay their respects in an enviornment that shows someone cares.

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