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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spotlighting Mound Hill Cemetery in Gallipolis, Gallia County, Ohio -- Is My Grand-Aunt Cora Lombard Millington Buried in Potters Field at Mound Hill Cemetery?

Thanking Cheryl A. Enyart of the Gallia County Historical Society for taking the three photographs below.  

Two photographs are from the sign honoring the memory of those buried in Potters Field at Mound Hill Cemetery

The other photograph is a view of the Potters Field area where Cheryl said about 10 flat gravemarkers are seen that identify burials.   
I have a possible connection to the Mound Hill Cemetery through my grand-aunt, Cora Lombard Millington, who was an older sister of my grandmother, Essie Lillian Lombard Limes.  

Cora died at the Ohio Hospital for Epileptics on March 23, 1902.  

Another link for history of the OHE is HERE
The story in our family is that no one went down to claim Cora's body. 

 Per "Find A Grave":

Both of the above photographs were taken by the Baker Photography Studio in Columbus, Ohio.  They are of the children of David Edward Lombard and his wife, Lena (Youker) Lombard.  

(The photograph on the left was taken at a later date than the one on the right.) 

Photograph on the left:  

Seated:  Benjamin Lombard
Little boy standing in the front:  Harry Lombard 
Girl seated right:  Cora Lombard
Girl standing left: Essie Lillian Lombard
Girl standing in the middle:  Margaret "Maggie" Lombard
Photograph on the right:

Girl standing far left:  Essie Lillian Lombard

Small boy held by Essie:  Harry Lombard
Seated in the center:  Cora Lombard
Boy standing far right:  Benjamin Lombard
Little girl standing far right:  Margaret "Maggie" Lombard