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"A cemetery may be considered as abandoned when all or practically all of the bodies have been Removed therefrom and no bodies have been buried therein for a great many years, and the cemetery has been so long neglected as entirely to lose its identity as such, and is no longer known, recognized and respected by the public as a cemetery. 1953 OAG 2978."

Monday, August 10, 2015

Focusing on the Cochran Cemetery - Past and Present (Perry Township, Fayette County, Ohio)

First, I wish to express my gratitude to Renee Loyd for sharing her gravestone photographs that are shown below taken Saturday, August 8th. 

After reading the February 26, 1959 "Record-Herald" (Washington Court House, Fayette County, Ohio) newspaper story about the six Smith Family children who all died from "Milk Sickness" in 1837, Renee was prompted to visit the Cochran Cemetery and photograph their gravesites which are shown in the article when their upright markers were each standing in one piece at the time.

Sadly, as it so often happens at Ohio's cemeteries, the ravages of time and vandalism have taken their toll on the Cochran Cemetery and the gravestones; including those of the John and Eleanor Smith family and their children:  John, Lewis, Harrison, Elizabeth, Sarah J., and Anna which are now lying on the ground in mostly poor condition. 

The newspaper story pages appear above the photographs (Source "Newspaperarchive.com".) 
Only son John's gravestone is missing from the photographs.   

A view of how the row of the John and Eleanor Smith family gravestones look today.
Father, John Smith's gravestone 
Mother, Eleanor Smith's gravestone, fortunately mostly intact.

  (Above two photographs)
Pieces of the Harrison Smith gravestone and a close up photo of the inscription on the top broken portion of the marker.
Elizabeth and Sarah J. Smith -- same marker, mostly intact.
 (Below two photographs)
The Lewis Smith gravestone now in two parts and lying on the ground
 The young children of John and Eleanor Smith of Fayette County, Ohio have not been forgotten -- neither in 1959 nor today. 

The historic details of their tragic story endures despite the shortened years of their lives.  

Appealing to those responsible for the care at the Cochran Cemetery --

These grave markers deserve to be properly repaired, cleaned, and re-set to truly honor the children's memory.   The inscriptions on their gravestones are worth saving.