Excerpted from the news article:     
"A measure before members of an Ohio House of Representatives committee purposely skirts the recent controversy arising from opponents of memorials or statutes commemorating Confederate war generals and the fallen soldiers they led.
     Republican Rep. Tim Schaffer of Lancaster introduced an amendment to the bill he’s titled the Ohio Veterans’ Heritage Protection Act Tuesday nearly simultaneous to testimony in support of House Bill 48 before members of the Criminal Justice Committee.
   The amendment eliminates the following language from the bill’s definition of a war relic: “Or a statue, monument, memorial, or plaque that has been erected for, or named or dedicated in honor of, a war or an individual’s or group of individuals’ service in a war.”
     Upon approval of the amendment, the definition would read: 
“‘War relic’ means a cannon, or other artillery and equipment from the era of a war.”
         To offer an example of what would be covered by the legislation upon the bill’s enactment, a spent cannon ball fired during the Civil War situated inside the walls of the Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery in Columbus’ Hilltop community would be protected.
A statue commemorating the thousands of Confederate soldiers buried there would not."