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Friday, June 7, 2019

Cleaning "Pesky" Zagorsky Gravemarkers - Calvary Cemetery, Lorain, Ohio - June 4 2019

Sharing "cleaning-in-progress" and after cleaning photos of the flat gravemarkers for brothers Andrew and Michael Zagorsky buried at Calvary Cemetery, Lorain, Ohio.  
The cleaner of choice:"D/2 Biological Solution" - applied with a soft bristle brush, and using tap water from home whenever possible for lots and lots of rinsing! 
The problem with these markers is the pesky unpolished granite areas with their darkened streaks stubbornly staying year after year.   Otherwise, "D/2" is doing a great job cleaning and lightening the polished granite surface.  
The gravemarkers have been cleaned with "D/2" once a year since 2014.  
Because I don't wish to use any solution stronger than "D/2", I'll see how these markers look this time next year.  
Photos of the red granite marker - cleaning in progress - and after soft bristle brush cleaning and rinsing for Andrew and Josephine (Szczepankiewicz) Zagorsky. 
Photos of the gray granite gravestone during cleaning and after cleaning and rinsing for Michael and Marie (Novascek) Zagorsky.

John Lucas Grave Marking Ceremony