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Sharing the Fifth Part of the "Edward Lusk Diaries" - from Mr. Scott Kneer - Auglaize County, Ohio

Scott Knerr – March 3, 2019

“The Edward Lusk Diaries Part 5 the final chapter”

Hello all: Well we are 12 years in now of the 20 years of diaries. I know it’s been a lot of information I’ve been throwing at you. But what an interesting man. He really takes us back in time with him. Let’s see what else he has to tell us about his time here.

June 26th 1901

Got my school souvenirs this morning, then put them together and Grandpa Mertz came. He then went to New Hampshire to mill and I went along and delivered my souvenirs. The children seem terribly pleased. Very hot.

July 1st 1901

Took Nellie to shop got her shoes reset in the forenoon. Began cutting wheat for Manfred this afternoon. We got along tolerably well, but it was terribly hot. The hottest we have had, 102 in the shade. Thomas Emerson died today noon. W.R. Manning’s house burned just before noon.

July 7th 1901

All of us went to Sunday school and preaching. Drove old Bob. At home remainder of day. My horses to tired to use. Cool today. It almost makes a person shake it has been so hot.

(*Note* Ed doesn’t write anymore until the New year of 1902)

March 22nd 1902

Dode and I went to Wapak on a little political business. We then went over to St. Mary’s in the interest of Jerry Campbell’s campaign. We went over on the new electric road. It’s fine as silk.

(*Note* This was about all Ed wrote in 1902. We move to 1903 next.)

Jan. 1st 1903

New Years Day. The children got candy, nuts, and a few toys and books and they seemed happy. God bless them! The boys and Clinton ( Clinton is the newest farmhand on the farm) went hunting and got a rabbit. A lovely day. 

Aug.4th 1903

A shower of rain this morning. A big ball game at Wapak this afternoon. The Cincinnati Reds vs. Wapak Indians. Clinton went.

(*Note* This was the last entry in 1903. In 1904 he only wrote during the month of March)

March 13th 1904

Went down to see Uncle William Thrush a little while. He is very poorly. Weather cool.

Later: The family of Hon. J.H. Goeke were overcome by gas in their home last night. His wife found dead this morning. Children, boy and girl very dangerous. He is in Arkansas on a business trip. His little boy died today.

March 16th 1904 

Goeke’s family buried today. Truly a pathetic scene. 

(*Note* Ed either didn’t write or the diaries were lost in time over the next five years. All that is left is 1909 and very little was written in it.)

Jan 1st 1909

New Years day. At home all day. Weather very nice and warm. The boys skating awhile this forenoon. 

Well, this is where Ed’s diaries end. Sarah, Ed’s mother, also kept a diary for many years. Her diaries are not as detailed as Ed’s were. Most all of her entries are just one sentence. But I would like to share here some of Sarah’s also. 

“The Diaries of Sarah ( Bennett) Lusk 1895-1898”

Nov.1st 1895: Alice and Ethel and I went to Jackson Center today. I got a new hat.

Nov. 2nd 1895: At Alice’s today, we made kraut.

Nov. 5th and 6th 1895: We are making aprons. We are knitting socks.

Jan.1st 1896: At Ida’s today. We are sewing.

Jan. 10th and 11th 1896: I commenced filling my quilt. I cleaned a little and baked some pies.

Feb. 28th 1896: I am at home today, my birthday, age 69

March 15th 1896: Ida sent for me, I went and finished Ida’s quilt blocks and pieced a comfort top.

June 8th 1896: I made two cherry pies and one current.

June 30th 1896: I made Hugh two new dresses.

July 27th 1896: I washed, large washing day.

Sept. 30th 1896: I pulled my Quinces today and made jelly. ( Quince is a fruit that grows on trees and looks similar to pears).

Oct. 24th 1896: I made Joe a pair of drawers.

Jan.25th 1897: I patched all day on Ed’s coat.

Jan. 28th 1897: I am making the girls new aprons.

Jan.30th 1897: Mrs. Van Horn burned to death, a daughter of William Copeland.

Feb. 28th 1897: This is my birth- we have a party. Mary (daughter) fetched me a throw. Libby (daughter) fetched me a tablecloth. Alice (daughter) fetched me a new dress. Montie fetched me a new apron. Eddies two girls(son and granddaughters) got me a tablecloth. The boys got me a butcher knife and oh, what a dinner. 

March 30th and 31th 1897: We are piecing a quilt. We set 
(arranged) it together the first way.

June 29th 1897: George Swartz’s baby killed, a wagon run over the baby.

July1st 1897: I went to Wapak today. Edward let me have two dollars.

Dec.18th 1897: I fell today and hurt myself badly.

Dec. 30th 1897: We all have chicken pocs.

Feb. 27th and 28th 1898: My children made me come over to their house. We had a nice dinner.

This is my birthday.

March 24th 1898: I made the two girls a skirt for their new dresses.

March 27th 1898: I went to Alice’s today to quilt.

April 5th1898: We got the quilt out( completed).

April 8th 1898: I went to Ida’s today to sew rags.

April 13th 1898: I made the girls two calico skirts. ( Calico skirts were the style that came clear down to the feet).

April 15th 1898: I finished Ethel’s new dress.

June 13th 1898: We got our carpet tonight and Jim fixed (installed) our carpet. 

June 13th was Sarah’s last entry. But it shows us a little about her life also. She appeared through the diaries to enjoy being a farmers wife. On Feb. 20th 1939 Ed died from prostrate cancer. At this time he was living at 905 Middle St. In Wapak.

If sometime you are driving down Middle St. take notice of 905 Middle St. and you will still see a piece of something Ed left behind. The whole row of tall pine trees that stand there today Ed planted over 80 years ago. Today they are massive pine trees.

Well I think this will end this part of the series. I’m going to do at least one more part to highlight some of the rest of the Lusk family. Hope you all enjoyed this long series about Ed.

Until next time…

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