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Monday, March 7, 2011

Spotlighting Find A Grave Contributor Ralph Lowell Coleman, Jr.

I am spotlighting Ralph Lowell Coleman, Jr. and his contributions to Find A Grave. 

Please click on the title to read more about Ralph and his ongoing efforts particularly with Maple Grove Cemetery just outside of North Lewisburg,  Rush Township in Champaign County, Ohio; and at the Woodstock Cemetery in Rush Township's other larger town, Woodstock. 

Below is the latest information from Ralph about how he is handling adding photographs to memorials posted by others where the burial site information has been lacking on the memorial.
Due to Ralph's extensive ongoing research at these cemeteries, he has gained the knowledge of gravesite locations and is adding such information in the caption sections below the photographs he posts:

"I have a tidbit (more correctly, a suggestion) for folks who add photographs to Find A Grave memorials, and who might read your blogspot.
There are many memorials which have been posted without accompanying photographs of the grave sites. When I review those which have been posted by other people for Maple Grove Cemetery (North Lewisburg, Ohio) and Woodstock Cemetery (Woodstock, Ohio) for example, I attach photographs to those memorials from my photo files (if available) for those cemeteries.
Using the "caption" feature for photographs on Find A Grave, I usually insert the burial site information (if it does not appear in the memorial proper), and the date of the photograph.
This information has proven to be of interest - and some value - according to folks who have responded after I've added the photos. It has also helped make it easier for some people to find the locations of the grave sites within those cemeteries.
****With 4,200 burials in Maple Grove Cemetery, and about 1,565 in Woodstock Cemetery, I have a long way to go before this particular side project is completed.
I work at it periodically, just about every time I sign in to Find A Grave."
(please note Ralph's new email address below)
Ralph Lowell Coleman, Jr.
1536 Robins Circle
Ogden, Utah 84404

Thank you, Ralph, for contacting me and sharing your information.
Your contributions are examples all Find A Grave contributors and contributors to similar sites such as Ohiogravestones.org can do well to follow!!