Saturday, January 6, 2018

Happy 2018 and Wishing You All the Best with Your Cemetery Preservation and Gravestone Restoration Goals

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy 2018!  

The New Year is starting off in the deep freeze for many of us with winter storms and temperatures well below zero.  With such restrictive weather adversely affecting outdoor activities that many of us are now experieincing, it can be difficult to think about cemetery preservation plans for the rest of the year.  But, now really is a good time to conduct research and make plans so they can be implemented when Spring and Summer arrive with ideal weather.  

As a side note, this blog now is in its tenth year and many cemetery and gravestone topics and their problematic issues have been presented.  Several photographs of gravemarkers have been posted from almost forgotten cemeteries in Ohio.  I refer to some cemeteries as being "Almost forgotten" because in truth, they are not forgotten because those of us who care have taken the time to rediscover them.  

Our bringing awareness to almost forgotten cemeteries and gravesites inspires others to recognize and respect them as well.  Rallying residents to work together in their communities and volunteer their time, devise ways to raise funds, and do other hands-on work revitalizes too long neglected cemeteries so they can resume their rightful roles as vital sacred places in their communities.  

"All Cemeteries Matter!"  Please keep that thought close and make it a key consideration.  That lonely little cemetery with broken and buried stones tucked away on a rural road holds a history all its own; and is waiting for you to discover its hidden stories that others have missed.  You can be its hero! 

I personally predict that 2018 will be the Year of the Cemetery!  

Thank you for stopping by and thank you for Exploring Almost Forgotten Gravesites in the Great State of Ohio!     

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