Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Old Burying Ground in Greenfield Ohio has been added to the Ohio Historic Inventory at the Ohio History Preservation Office

The Old Burying Ground in Greenfield, Highland County, Ohio has been assigned Ohio Historic Inventory (OHI) number HIG0031402 with the Ohio Historic Preservation Office.  

The "OHI" form for the Old Burying Ground is included in the Ohio Historic Preservation Office's records.
Below are images of the OHI form pagse including the photographs that are included with the document.  

Ongoing restoration work by volunteers at the Greenfield Historical Society and others is shown in some of the pages of photographs.

My Thanks:

Thanking Scott Andersen of the Greenfield Historical Society for his help with obtaining some of the photographs of the Old Burying Ground including the stone wall and providing its measurements.  


Thanking Ron Coffey, City Manager of Greenfield  for help with answering ownership questions about the Old Burying Ground.


The Ohio History Connection's Preservation Office provides information on how to obtain and complete the Ohio Historic Inventory Form.  Please see links below:

Ohio History Connection Preservation Office Contact Information for the Ohio History Inventory Form:

Inventory & Registration

Barbara A. Powers, Department Head
Brent A. Eberhard, Archaeology Survey and Data Manager
Ross Nelson, Survey and National Register Manager
Megan Rupnik, Survey and National Register Manager
Carrie E. Simmons, Technical Assistant
Susan Tietz, Survey and National Register Manager
Administers the National Register of Historic Places program in Ohio, and manages the Ohio Historic Inventory, and Ohio Archaeological Inventory.
My contact:
Susan Tietz: - 614-298-2000



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Bluffton Ohio Councilman Warren tells man to “shut up & sit down”

Please listen to how this man is treated by Bluffton, Ohio Village councilman Warren at 2:50.
Private citizen Ray was trying to get to the bottom of the runaround The Save Shannon Cemetery group has received for the last year by the Village of Bluffton Ohio, concerning the destruction of a cemetery his ancestors are buried in.  After the village appointed a handpicked cemetery commission that unanimously voted to put the cemetery back as it was and in a state of preservation, the village is now playing political games of tabling and not tabling the recommendation and parts of it. 

Tell Bluffton Village what you think of their BS, lies, intimidation, & destructiveness.

Roger Warren

Current Term Expires Dec. 31, 2017
2016 Committees: Utilities

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