Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sharing a Philosophy about Tombstones from "Twisted Twigs On Gnarled Branches"

Sharing this message below from the website:

The tombstone is tangible evidence, with the name, dates and other relevant inscriptions inscribed on its front, as proof the person buried below it once lived.  That seems rather simple and straightforward doesn't it.  

To honor a deceased person, I feel we must also show regard and care for the tombstone that denotes their life -- whether the maker be grand or plain.

The negative effects of time with its relentless harsh weather, invasions of insects, acts of vandalism, and occurrences of accidental damage, all deteriorate and destroy an unprotected tombstone daily as it quietly braces itself to brave alone these outdoor elements year after year until the years turn into decades; and eventually centuries if the marker last that long that is.  

Just as you try to keep a prized trophy looking clean and shiny, so you would wish to see a tombstone looking as good as it can for its age, if possible, without it losing its integrity.  

Restoring a tombstone properly is one way of recognizing the deceased honorably, in my opinion.  

Thank you.