Thursday, October 5, 2017

October in Ohio is Cemetery Tour Month - Check it out!

Those of us who live in Ohio have been enjoying truly exceptional weather so far this October.  It means this is a great time to learn if there are cemetery tours coming up during October that would be of interest.  

***Please Note***:

Some cemetery tours require registration and/or payment, so please read the details to learn the requirements.   

You'll find that tours of cemeteries can be at larger urban areas while some are in smaller villages.  

Some of the cemeteries may still have active burials, and thus hold a mixture of older and newer grave markers and monuments.  

     If the tour is at an inactive cemetery, however, you can expect to find burials that range from the early 19th Century to the early to mid 20th Century. Representative gravemarkers or monuments are white marble, sandstone, limestone, "white bronze"which are zinc, and perhaps a few that are granite.  

Below is a representative sample of upcoming cemetery tours in Ohio, and I'm sure there are many more.  

Check your local historical and genealogical societies for news of upcoming cemetery tours, even if you are not a member.  Also, doing  simple"Googling" online for cemetery tours in your area could produce great possibilities for you! 

So, if you have not done cemetery exploring on your own, try joining a cemetery tour to get started!

Ohio's Tourism Slogan is "Find it Here" -- indeed when it comes to history, diversity, beauty, serenity, and so much more... you will "Find It Here" at an Ohio Cemetery! 

Go Cemetery Exploring in Ohio in October!

October 7th and October 21st

in Lorain County

"The tours are scheduled for October 19, 20 and 21. Times are 4:30 p.m., 5:45 p.m. and 7 p.m. The 5:45 p.m. tour each day will be the virtual tour held inside the Folger Home.
Cost for each tour is $12 for HAL members and seniors; $15 for all others. To purchase a ticket, visit or call 440-549-4425."


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