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Friday, March 6, 2015

Sharing an Update for the Susan Gibson Gravestone at the Old Burying Ground in Greenfield

Once again, thanking Scott Andersen for sharing these photographs of the Susan Gibson gravestone at the Old Burying Ground cemetery in Greenfield (Highland County) Ohio

The top photograph shows how the Susan Gibson gravestone is faring in March, 2015 after the Greenfield Historical Society volunteers led by Scott Andersen and his wife, Venus, and John King, who all painstakingly and steadfastly worked to properly clean, repair, and re-set where needed, several gravestones and monuments during six organized work sessions in 2014. 
(See Find A Grave map HERE) of the Old Burying Ground.)

 The photograph above shows how the Susan Gibson gravestone looks in March, 2015.  
The base is obscured by freshly fallen snow.

The two photographs above show how the Susan Gibson gravestone looked before any conservation work began.


Click HERE to view the September, 2014 Old Burying Ground work session's description and photographs shared from the Greenfield Historical Society's website.
The September work session information and photographs are representative of the type of progress made in other work sessions held last year.