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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Britton-Chaffin Cemetery Restoration - by Peggy Lester

From the Fayette County, Ohio Genealogical Society's Fall 2008 newsletter (Vol 27 - #3) - page 61:

"Britton-Chaffin Cemetery Restoration" written by Peggy Lester

"Bryan Roberts, a Washington Court House Boy Scout, decided to dig into the history and restore Britton-Chaffin Cemetery.

The cemetery is located on the west side of Good Hope-New Holland Road, about a mile and a quarter from Route 22, and is on the bank of the North Fork of Paint Creek.

Scott and Jane Askew currently own the property and requested that the Genealogical Society help in recording the history, and recover some of the stones. Many of the stones have slipped below the ground and lie inches below the sod. Several remains of stones can be seen over the ledge which has been washed away by years of high water.

The cemetery was once fenced, but one side has eroded over the edge and the other side is open for mowing. The owners have taken excellent care of what remains. One unusal aspect of the cemetery is that all stones face the creek! This makes one wonder what the lay of the land was like many years ago. When Jack and Peggy Gilmore and Chuck Gossett read this cemetery in 2000, they found and recorded twenty-nine occupants. Jean Dice had previously recorded it between 1924 and 1936. She found two additional names.

The earliest stone is that of Hiram Britton, son of Jesse and Susannah Britton, who died September 20, 1820. He was only seventeen years old.

The most recent burial was Nancy Chaffin, wife of James, who died January 27, 1888 at eighty-one years of age.

Bryan and his recruits plan to recover the displaced stones and replace the fence."



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