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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Featuring Laura M. Bunce Ebersole buried at the Union Cemetery in West Independence, Hancock County, Ohio

Talk about serendipity!  Recently, I had been thinking about the grand Ebersole Family white bronze marker that I first saw a few years ago on a short unplanned stop to the Union Cemetery located on Route U. S. 224 in West Independence, just east of Findlay, in Hancock County Ohio which I couldn't help but notice while driving past it enroute to an antique mall in Findlay.

I was going back to the same antique mall a couple of weeks ago and wanted to return to visit the Union Cemetery again, where I hoped to take more photographs of the towering Ebersole obelisk style white bronze monument.  But, alas, that did not happen due to road closures on Route U.S. 224 just to the east of it which forced me to turn onto a detour quite far away from the Union Cemetery.  

But, my little story doesn't end here because today I received a note from a kind "Find A Grave" contributor:  "rakjr" providing me Laura Ebersole's maiden name and a link to her mother,  Nancy Bunce, and also a link to Oscar Ebersole, Laura's husband.  All were buried at the same site. 

Photographs of their inscriptions on 3 sides of the monument were taken and posted on all of their "Find A Grave" memorials.  

***Thank you "RAKJR" and thank you "Find A Grave."***

Time and again, "Find A Grave" has been instrumental in helping me not only find graves, which is the core of its mission statement, but it has helped to restore my faith in humanity -- a rather tall order to accomplish these days given some of the totally negative events going on in our world; but overall "Find A Grave" contributors are among the most dedicated and persevering people around; and their continuing contributions attest to that fact.  

So, I hope you enjoy viewing the Ebersole Family Stone at the Union Cemetery in West Independence, Hancock County, Ohio.  

Laura M. <i>Bunce</i> Ebersole 

Currently, the Union Cemetery in West Independence, Hancock County, Ohio has 470 burials listed for it on "Find A Grave."