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Monday, January 4, 2010

Hamilton County Ohio - On-line Probate Court Records

Click on title to access the page of links for the following Hamilton County, Ohio Probate Court Records (copied from website):

"Probate Court Archived Records Search

Categories of Online Archived Records Estates 1791 - 1984
Wills 1791 - 1973
Trusts 1791 - 1984
Guardianships 1791 - 1984
Marriages 1808 - 1983
Minister's License 1963 - 1975
Birth Records 1863 - 1908
Birth Registrations and Corrections 1941 - 1994
Death Records 1881 - 1908
Naturalizations 1856 - 1906
Probate Court Journal Entries 1791 - 1837
Physician Certificates 1919 - 1934 and 1973 - 1987
Listing of Available Books
Discrepancies found in Hamilton County Probate Court Archived Records may be reported via email to: Probate Court File Room
Note: To access the Listing of Available Books and the book pages in PDF format you may need Adobe Reader. Click on the icon to begin the Adobe Reader download process."