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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Reporting on the Butcher Cemetery, North Lewisburg, Champaign County, Ohio & Thanking Mr. Jim Blanton!

I visited the Butcher Cemetery on Tallman Street in North Lewisburg on June 5 and June 7, 2015 to visit ancestral gravesites and take note of any changes - both good and bad - with the condition of the cemetery's grounds and gravestones, including those for the family of Aaron and Adaline D. (Limes) Winder which include their daughter, Phebe Annie Winder Sherrett and their granddaughter, Birddie B. Sherrett. 
The first change I noted was that the Butcher Cemetery's wood sign had been repainted and the lettering was either repainted or replaced.  Last year the entire sign was painted white including the lettering as it had been the year before that.  I also noted two small potted plants sitting on the ground by the sign's two posts that contained flowers and flags.  It was a welcomed sight!  
Good News!  Today I learned that Mr. Jim Blanton, who places flags at the gravesites of the Civil War soldiers buried at the Butcher Cemetery, was the kind and generous person who freshly painted the sign and purchased new letters for it!

From Mr. Blanton:
I stripped the sign to wood and put primer on it and painted it 4 times.  I bought new letters also." 

Thank you Mr. Blanton!
The grounds of the property were in a similar condition as last year; i.e., the grass was evidently more recently cut in the front of the property, however, from the Dr. Butcher monument to the back of the cemetery -- where actual grass is almost non-existent -- the weeds were tall enough to indicate that not much had been done to lower or remove them this year. 

Mr. Blanton also shared the following information:

"I hauled away a truck load of wood from the center inside the fence but did not get back to weed eat it.  Will do so soon.  I have another truck load of sticks and branches to take out of there." 

Thank you Mr. Blanton! 

I also noticed something else too -- the house and property next door to the Butcher Cemetery, 88 Tallman Street, IS FOR SALE! 

From the Realtor's description:

"Unique opportunity to own your own nature reserve! Well cared for 2 bedroom, 1 ½ bath ranch features outbuildings, 2 fenced pastures and with 2nd parcel the land totals almost 15 acres! Furnace, a/c, roof, chimney and fireplace have been updated since 2007. Basement was done by the basement doctor. The knotty pine room could easily be converted to a 3rd bedroom. Huge mudroom with shower. 2nd parcel is in wetland preserve. For more information, please contact 
The Virginia Elliott Team at (937) 642-7171!"
The fact that the Butcher Cemetery is right next door was not something that was mentioned in the realtor's advertisement, however, I feel it should have been!  So, I'm taking the liberty here to share that fact. 
So, if you or someone you know would like to live next door to an early Ohio pioneer cemetery where two doctors and five Civil War veterans rest in peace, 88 Tallman Street might be a good choice!  
I hope you enjoy the random photographs taken on June 5 and June 7, 2015 of the Butcher Cemetery on Tallman Street in North Lewisburg, Ohio:
Butcher Cemetery Sign
Newly re-painted and new lettering 
courtesy of Mr. Jim Blanton.

A view of looking up the hill past the cemetery sign and the fenced in area at the front of the Butcher Cemetery. 

The fencing seen on the left side belongs to 88 Tallman Street; the property that is for sale. 

The tablet in slotted base in the foreground is for Mary E. Good
 and the small white marble broken stone is for Dr. Butcher's son,
Captain James M. S. Butcher, a Civil War Veteran.  

The photo below shows 3 small gravestones for other Butcher family members.  
(Six Photos Above)
 Areas in the rear of the Butcher Cemetery where recently downed limbs and branches lie needing to be picked up and removed.
The almost sunken out of sight military grave marker for "C.E." Charles E. Evans

Photograph of an unreadable child's marker.

Photo of what appears to be a foot stone for "Charles"
among other stones at the base of a tree surrounded by encroaching weeds in the rear of the Butcher Cemetery.

Five photos below are of gravestones and the monument
 for the family of Aaron and Adaline D. Limes Winder.

The large Winder monument was cleaned with D/2 Biological Solution and rinsed with water.  

Photographs show before and after views (June 5th and June 7th) following cleaning.   

Two photos below:
Views of the Adaline D. Winder side of the Winder monument.  
Photos taken on June 7, 2015 following cleaning on June 5, 2015. 

 Below are three photographs showing the slant marker on base of Phebe Annie Winder Sherrett who was the daughter of Aaron and Adaline D. (Limes) Winder.  

Phebe Annie was the first wife of Eli Sherrett, who was North Lewisburg's mayor at the time of her death.

The small footstone is in front of her marker.  
It had been mostly covered in tall weeds and unfortunately has weed whacker marks on the front of it.

I was able to clear away some of the overgrowth of weeds that were obscuring the little gray footstone that has P.A.S. inscribed on it for Phebe Annie Sherrett.
There are no trash receptacles at the Butcher Cemetery. 

There is no water pump at the Butcher Cemetery. 

You have to supply your own water to clean gravestones.
  A view of a portion of the adjoining property to the Butcher Cemetery. 

Two photographs of the deteriorated fenced in area at the front of the Butcher Cemetery.
Only two gravesites can be seen in the fenced in area; those for:

The area behind the Winder gravestones and monument where there is overgrowth of weeds around the markers.