Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Announcing the new Ohio Cemetery Association

I had a great conversation this morning with Mr. Jack Lee-Harris, President of the newly formed Ohio Cemetery Association.

From what I have learned, the Ohio Cemetery Association will be involved with meetings with Ohio township officials regarding cemeteries they maintain.

Please click on the title to learn more about the Ohio Cemetery Association and their focus.

Abstracted from the website of the Ohio Cemetery Association:

"The Ohio Cemetery Association is dedicated to promote and maintain the highest ethical standards in all of our relations with the public; and to foster a spirit of camaraderie among the providers in the death care industry.

Beginning in 2011 the OCA will begin combining the educational and promotional activities to present a consolidated presence of the Cemetery and combination funeral care providers to the interested government agencies and Ohio Consumers."


Lee-Harris, President

(740) 548-5509 (Phone)
(740) 548-0425 (Fax)

Jan Burrowes, Secretary-Treasurer
(937) 885-0283 (Phone)
(937) 885-4512 (Fax)
(937) 604-0709 (Cell)

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