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Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Gravestone Photograph for George R. Aber at Sheep Pen Cemetery - Madison Township, Highland County, Ohio

1850 U. S. Federal Census Madison Township Highland County Ohio Series  M432  Roll 694 Page 147 FamilySearch

Matthew Aber, age 58, occupation of farmer, value of real estate owned - $2,250; birthplace PA; Hannah, age 53, birthplace PA; Charles, age 21, birthplace - Ohio, occupation of farmer; Lavina (sp?) age 26, birthplace Ohio; Julia A., age 19, birthplace Ohio; and Matthew A., age 15, birthplace Ohio. The family was living next to the Samuel and Margaret Yohn family.

Wills, Administrations, Guardianships & Adoptions of Highland County, Ohio 1805- 1880 - McBride & McBride, 1957, reprinted 1994, page 67:

ABER, Matthew, of Madison Township, Date: Aug. 11, 1858.  Wife, Hannah, children: Elmira, Samuel, Wilson, Charles, Eliza Simes, Julia Yohn.  Executors: Wilson Aber, Harrison Limes. Witnesses: John Limes, Rutherford Collier.  Proven Apr. 25, 1859.  The Executors declined to administer the estate and the court appointed Thomas M. Brady Administrator W.W.A.  Sureties: Rutherford Collier, John Limes.  Appraisers:  Rutherford Collier, William Irwin, Phillip McWilliams.  The widow elected to take under the will.

Comment by Linda Jean Limes Ellis:  Eliza “Simes” – Her married name was incorrectly spelled with an “S”when it should have been an "L" for Limes. Eliza Limes was married to Harrison Limes.  Harrison and Eliza Aber Limes are buried at the Cochran Cemetery in Perry Township, Fayette County, Ohio.  Harrison Limes’ parents were William and Athaliah Doster Limes.  William Limes was an older brother to Henry Limes buried at Sheep Pen Cemetery.  Thus, Henry Limes was an uncle to Harrison Limes who was Eliza Aber’s husband. 

Wills, Administrations, Guardianships & Adoptions of Highland County, Ohio 1805- 1880 - McBride & McBride, 1957, reprinted 1994, page 269: “June 6, 1871.  Thomas M. Boyd appointed Administrator of the estate of Hannah Aber, dec’d.  Sureties:  W. W. Bell, Isaac Simpson, Appraisers:  Rutherford Collier, John Limes, William Gustin.”

Aber family members buried at Sheep Pen (AKA Limes or Gustin Cemetery):

  •   Matthew Aber, and his wife, Hannah Kenley Aber
  •   Matthew Aber (son of Matthew and Hannah Kenley Aber)
  •   Elmirah Aber (daughter of Matthew and Hannah Kenley Aber)
  •   George Aber (son of Matthew and Hannah Kenley Aber)
  • Julia Aber Yohn (daughter of Matthew and Hannah Kenley Aber)
  •  Eliza Aber Limes (daughter of Matthew and Hannah Kenley Aber.
(Eliza Aber was buried at Cochran Cemetery, Fayette County, Ohio – Eliza was married to Harrison Limes son of William and Athalia Doster Limes)