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"A cemetery may be considered as abandoned when all or practically all of the bodies have been Removed therefrom and no bodies have been buried therein for a great many years, and the cemetery has been so long neglected as entirely to lose its identity as such, and is no longer known, recognized and respected by the public as a cemetery. 1953 OAG 2978."

North Lewisburg, Champaign County, Ohio - The Friends (Quaker) Cemetery

Located on Part of Lot #261 at Elm Street and Winder Street
(Last revised February 2, 2017)
Compiled By: Linda Jean Limes Ellis
** denotes NOT on D.A.R. tombstone readings

June 25, 1796
November 16, 1868
Age 72 yrs 4 mos. 22 days

February 25, 1793
May 10, 1871
Age 78 yrs. 2 mos. 15 days

BERRY, Forest son of J.D. & S.E.
Not on stone
Not on stone
1 yr.10 mos. 16 days

**BIVAN, Stacy (per Hinshaw book only)
December 14, 1847

dau. of T.J. & E.
January 19, 1875
9 yrs.

1BROWN, Lydia A. - wife of Edwin J.
(maiden name - Fell - sister to Emily Fell Townsend Cole and Esther Fell Hirst)
July 31, 1834
June 11, 1863
28 yrs. 10 mos. 11 days

BROWN, Olive - wife of Omar
October 2, 1840
November 23, 1865
25 yrs. 1 mo. 21 days

1COLE, Emily - wife of J.W. - (formerly Mrs. William W. Townsend) - Mother of 6 Townsend children buried at the Quaker Cemetery.  Her sisters - Lydia A. Fell Brown and Esther Fell Hirst
October 3, 1828
January 26, 1880
51 yrs. 3 mos. 23 days

COWGILL, John (per Hinshaw book)
Sept. 24, 1775
January 11, 1848
72 yrs. 3 mos. 18 days

December 25, 1775
January 28, 1869
93 yrs. 1 mo. 3 days

dau. of T. & H. (Thomas and Hannah)
About 1859
2 yrs.

1FELL, Ann, wife of Joseph
(incorrect surname on DAR – typed as Bell)
August 25, 1795
January 16, 1868 (per Hinshaw book)
(DAR - NOV 16 1868)
72 yrs. 4 mos. 22 days

1FELL, Joseph  (no stone found)
(incorrect surname on DAR – typed as Bell)
February 25, 1793
May 10, 1871
78 years 2 mos. 15 days

1FELL, William W. - son of T. & F .L. (nephew to Lydia A. Fell Brown , Emily Fell Townsend Cole & Esther Fell Hirst )
About 1843
21yrs. 4 mos. 25 days

GIBSON, William (per Hinshaw book)
September 15, 1866
56 or 36 yrs.

(per Hinshaw book only)
April, 1855

1HIRST, Esther W. - wife of Alpheus
February 14, 1826
September 2, 1851
25 yrs. 6 mos. 19 days

(per Hinshaw book only)
December 5, 1797
July 18, 1843

10HUDSON, Isaac - son of C.M. & M.C.
September 1, 1882
September 19, 1882
18 days

**HUTCHINSON, Jane wife of John
Page 100 Nixon & Bolton book: Cemetery Inscriptions of Settlers who came to Champaign Co., Ohio Before 1830”)
Born in England per 1850 U. S. Census
About 1797
66 yrs.

March 5, 1789
August 5, 1878
89 yrs. 5 mos.

HUTCHINSON, Robert O. son of S.&F.
About 1857
April 19, 1867
10 yrs.

JOHNSON, Sarah B. wife of John
About 1807
January 20, 1860

2LIMES, Harmon (Jr.) (per Linda Ellis)
October 22, 1791
February 8, 1861
69 yrs. 3 mos. 16 days

3MILBURN, Omer A. son of L. & S. J.
March 17, 1853
July 7, 1868
15 yrs. 3 mos. 20 days

OSBORN, David C. son of A. & E.
October 28, 1825
April 25, 1850
24 yrs. 5 mos. 28 days
PIM, Caroline S. wife of Isaac
November 17, 1805
May 18, 1885
79 yrs. 6 mos. 1 day
SEARS, John G. (per Hinshaw book)
(his wife was Elizabeth Winder)
January 11, 1809
November 22, 1849
40 yrs. 10 mos.11 days
About 1810
April 7, 1864
54 yrs.
SWAYNE, Maria T. wife of Isaac B.
Per 1880 Census - 1806
June 22, 1882
76 yrs.
dau. of W.W. & E
(per stone & Hinshaw book).
July 17, 1852
July 26, 1852
9 days
dau. of W.W. & E. (per stone & per Hinshaw book – Frances Anna).
January 23, 1851
September 28, 1851
8 mos. 5 days
dau. of W.W. & E  (per Hinshaw book).
July 23, 1851
**9TOWNSEND, M. (per stone)
TOWNSEND, Mary A. (per stone)
dau. of W.W. & E. (per Hinshaw book)
May 9, 1849
August 24, 1850
1 yr. 3 mos. 15 days
dau. of W.W. & E  (per Hinshaw book).
July 28, 1855
dau. of W.W. & E. (per Hinshaw book)
December 12, 1853
October 3, 1854
9 mos. 21 days
son of W.W. & E.
April 28, 1856
November 30, 1860
4 yrs. 7 mos. 2 days
(per Hinshaw book - William M.)
December 24, 1824
October 5, 1857
32 yrs. 9 mos. 11 days
About 1801
August 21, 1870
69 yrs.
**8WAIT, Harriet dau of Abel E. and Almeda
(per Hinshaw book only)
About 1781
(Sept. 14, 1780)
July 23, 1846
Age 65 years
July 20, 1814
January 26, 1851
36 yrs. 6 mos. 6 days
WINDER, Abner W. son of A. & B.
& (per Hinshaw book – Abner Webster)
About 1848
August 22, 1849
(per Hinshaw book)
11 months
dau. of Thomas and Hannah
About 1844
January 1, 1847
3 yrs.
**WINDER, Elta dau. of S.S.&M.L.
(per her stone; not found in other records)
November 27, 1870
April 23, 1872
1 yr. 4 mos. 27 days
7WINDER, Hannah wife of T.
September 13, 1802
January 4, 1875
72 yrs. 3 mos. 22 days
**WINDER, Hope (wife of Abner)
April 6, 1786
January 3, 1864
77yrs. 8 mos. 28 days
August 7, 1810
February 9, 1872
61yrs. 6 mos. 2 days
September 3, 1846
son of M. L. and S.S.
December 6, 1876
WINDER, Mary J. wife of Joshua
January 19, 1872
58 yrs.
WINDER, Moses son of A. and H.
November 13, 1823
August 5, 1846
22 yrs. 8 mos. 23 days
(per Hinshaw book only)
March 14, 1842
son of A. and H.C.
October 5, 1845
April 16, 1853
7 yrs.
7 yrs. 6 mos. 11 days
7WINDER, Thomas ( birth calculated)
November 24, 1804
October 4, 1882
77yrs. 10 mos. 10 days
**11Unknown, Wife of (unreadable)
July 10, 1831
August 15, 1856
25 yrs. 1 mo. 5 days
Notes and Sources:

1Page 830Beers History of Champaign County, Ohio 1881 (reprint):
September 2, 1852 - Lydia Ann married Edwin J. Brown.  She was a daughter of Joseph and Ann Fell.  This book states Lydia’s date of death as June 11, 1866.

1Page 81 and page 175Genealogy of the Fell Family in America, compiled by Sarah M. Fell  – 1891:
Lydia Ann Fell  - born July 16, 1834 and died June 11, 1863, married Edwin J. Brown who was born on September 14, 1829 and died November 5, 1914, and was buried at the Mount Tabor Cemetery.  Emily Fell  - born October 3, 1828 and died January 26, 1880, and Esther Harvey Fell – born February 15, 1826, and died September 2, 1851.  Emily Fell married (1) William W. Townsend and (2) John W. Cole.  Esther Harvey Fell married Alpheus Hirst who was born January 29, 1826 and died May 12, 1863 and was buried at the Springdale Cemetery in Cedar County, Iowa, per Findagrave.com.  On page 175, Emily Fell married William W. Townsend on August 22, 1848.  He was the son of Levi and Mary Watson Townsend of Logan County, Ohio.  He died on October 5, 1857. They had six children, “all died young.”  Emily married John W. Cole on April 11, 1867 -  see Champaign County Newspaper Abstracts, May 1855- 1871, page 156, March, 2000, by CCGS, Chapter of O.G.S.  They resided in North Lewisburg and had no children.

1Page 174Genealogy of the Fell Family in America, compiled by Sarah M. Fell  – 1891:
William W. Fell - Civil War Veteran - 94th Reg., Co. “A”, O.V.I.; transferred December 25, 1862 to the 11th Michigan Volunteers.  New government tombstone installed next to Harmon Limes stone in 2004.

1Joseph Fell and Ann Fell - D.A.R. tombstone inscriptions publication has surname incorrectly spelled as Bell.  Joseph and Ann Fell were parents of Lydia Ann, Emily, and Esther Harvey; all buried at the Friends Cemetery in North Lewisburg.  Joseph and Ann Fell were grandparents of William Wright Fell also buried at the Friends Cemetery in North Lewisburg.  Also, see pages 80 81 of Genealogy of the Fell Family in America, compiled by Sarah M. Fell  – 1891

2Pages 569 and 574 Beers History of Champaign County, Ohio 1881 (reprint):

Harmon Limes appointed the first Marshal of (North) Lewisburg in 1844. 

2Abner Winder, Jr., village trustee in 1844, is also shown on pages 569 and 574 of Beers History of Champaign County, Ohio 1881 (reprint).

3Discrepancy in transcription of 1984 D.A.R. re-typed version.  The original 1959 typed D.A.R. list shows age at death as “15 years - 3 months - 20 days”

4Page 841 - Beers History of Champaign County, Ohio 1881 (reprint):
Dr. Vail was a mentioned as a physician. See census record below for Dr. John Vail residing in Zane Township in Logan County, Ohio in 1860.  Also, see “History of Logan County and Ohio” 1880, O. L. Baskin & Co., Chapter IV., page 265:  “Dr. John Vail was an early and useful physician in and about Middleburg.   He graduated in medicine in 1832, and died in 1870.  He was a man of exceptionally fine intelligence, useful in his life, and lamented in death.”
5Champaign County Recorder - Deed Book Q, page 299:
“Abner Winder, Jr. - Trustee for the Society of Friends” - April 2, 1840; Joshua Winder witnessed the signing of the Friends Church deed.  Abner Winder Jr.’s death notice appears in the publication: Friends Review - Vol. IV. - No. 28 for March 29, 1851

6Original 1959 typed D.A.R. List:  Shows the spelling of first name as “Phineas M.” 
Also, during visit of September 3, 2006: Linda Ellis read for the Phineas M. Winder tombstone as best as possible and found the age at death to be inscribed as “7 years 6 months and 11 days.”  Page 1300 of Hinshaw book – son of Abner and Rebecca Winder. 

7Pages 842, 846 and 875 - Beers History of Champaign County, Ohio 1881 (reprint):
The pages above provide some history of the Winder family.

Page 644  - History of Logan County and Ohio 1880 - Part III, “Biographical Sketches” Zane Township, Logan County, Ohio:
Biography of Seth S. Winder, son of Thomas Winder.  (See below) 

Birth dates for Hannah and Thomas Winder are calculated.

**8Linda Ellis found the “dau. of Abel E. & Almeda Wait” stone in the back row during visits of May 6 and 7, 2007.  First name is Harriett.  A. E. Wait, age 49, and Almeda Wait, age 45 are in the 1860 U. S. Census living in North Lewisburg, Champaign County, Ohio.  Harriett Wait’s name is not on D.A.R transcription.

**9  M. Townsend - Linda Ellis found “M. Townsend” stone in the front row on a cemetery visit of May 6 and 7, 2007.  No other date inscribed but “1848.”  Not on D.A.R. transcription records.  M. Townsend was Mary Watson Townsend, the mother of William W. Townsend.  She died in 1848 per Beers History of Champaign County, Ohio 1881 (reprint) page 844, “Joseph Townsend” biography: “…son of Levi and Mary Watson Townsend.”   “Levi and wife, after their marriage, remained a few years in Harrison Co., then removed to Belmont Co., residing there until 1834, when he went to Logan Co., when, after a residence of fifteen years, he returned to Harrison Co. and resided about twenty-two years; then went to Iowa where he is still living at the advanced age of 81 years.  His wife died in the spring of 1848.  They had five children.  Three now survive – Elizabeth, Joseph, and Abner.  The two deceased are Eli and William.” 

"Quaker CD -- Vol. IV, Plainfield MM, pg 354


1820, 8, 21 Levi, s Joseph & Mary, Harrison Co, O; m in Plainfield MH, Mary Watson, dt Abner & Elizabeth, Belmont Co, O"
(The date is August 21, 1820)

Vol. IV refers to "Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy" Ohio - Volume IV. -- by William Wade Hinshaw.
10Hudson, Isaac – D.A.R. transcriptions show his father’s initials as “G.M.”  However, per Ralph L. Coleman, Jr., in his email to me of November 16, 2009:  “Cassius M. Hudson was the first husband of my great-grandmother, Mary Catherine Burke Hudson.  They were married in March 1880.  I have the names of their two children born after 1882.  Could the "G.M. Hudson" have been misread, and actually read "C.M. Hudson?"  If the initials were, in fact, C.M. and M.C. Hudson, it could well be that Isaac was one of my distant relatives.”  To date, no stone has been found for Isaac Hudson.  Cassius Hudson, age 28, and Mary, his wife, age 18, appear in the 1880 Census – Series T9, Roll 998, page 339, line 36.

**11Linda Ellis found this mostly unreadable stone in the front row on a cemetery visit of May 6 and 7, 2007.  Only death date and age are readable, but not the name. Not on D.A.R. transcription.

**WINDER – Not on D. A. R. transcription records:  Abner;  Hope;  Elta, daughter of S.S. and M.L;  Levi;  Linvill, son of M. L. and S.S; and Phebe.

Other References:

Cemetery Records – Volume II – Tombstones Prior to 1900 – Champaign County, Ohio – 1959 Compiled by the Urbana Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Quaker Cemetery – Located in Rush Township, at North Lewisburg.  Pages 88 and 89.  Copied by: Mrs. Edjel Lutz and Mrs. Carl Pooler. 

A 1984 version of the above-referenced D.A.R. Quaker Cemetery records exist that were re-typed by Mrs. Floyd (Nelle G.) Whitmore. Pages 88 and 89. 

Cemetery Inscriptions of Settlers who came to Champaign Co., Ohio Before 1830  Compiled by Nixon & Bolton. “Cemetery at North Lewisburg, O., on the North Side of Town.” Page 100.

Champaign County, Ohio Cemetery Plates - Veterans’ Graves Registration - Works Projects Administration by the Champaign County Genealogical Society – page 78 – Quaker Cemetery – veteran William Wright Fell.

Page 13 A Driving Tour Through Champaign County, Ohio - 1996, by Barbara Stickley Sour.
Photograph and short history of the Friends Church on Winder Street in North Lewisburg.

Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy - VOL IV (1994 reprint), by William Wade Hinshaw. (see list below)

Pages 316 and 317 Will Book B - Logan County, Ohio:
Joshua Winder’s Will states he bequeathed $6,411.97 (representing remaining two-thirds of his estate) to the Society of Friends for repairs of their current meeting house, or for the rebuilding a new house, and for keeping the burying ground in a good state of repairs.  Omar Brown was executor.  Joshua Winder’s wife was Mary Jane Apple Winder who predeceased him. One-third of his estate was bequeathed to his sister-in-law, Amanda Apple.

Ancestor Search website for calculating birth dates and ages.:

Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy - VOL IV (1994 reprint) by: William Wade Hinshaw
Goshen (Darby Creek) Monthly Meeting - Pages 1271 – 1301 - References given for (North) Lewisburg burials
(copied as shown with original Quaker dates)
BIVAN, Stacy

Died:  1847, 12, 14 (14 DEC 1847)
BROWN, Olive

Died:  1865, 11, 23 (23 NOV 1865)

Died:  1848, 1, 11  (11 Jan 1848)  John  died  age 73  

Died:  1867, 1, 16 (16 JAN 1867)  Ann  died  age 72  
GIBSON, William

----, --, -- William died 1866 9, 15  (15 SEP 1866)

GIDLEY, Isaac M.
----, --, -- Isaac M. m. Mary ----- Died 1855, 4, ---- (APR 1855)
----- bur Lewisburg
HOLE, Elizabeth

Died:  1843, 7, 18  (18 JUL 1843)
SEARS, John G.

Died:  1849, 11, 22  (22 NOV 1849)  
TOWNSEND (see individual names below)

Mary Ann - Born 1849, 5, 19 (19 MAY 1849)  Died  1850, 8, 24  (24 AUG 1850)
Rozilla - Born 1853, 12, 12 (12 DEC 1853)   Died  1854, 10, 3  (3 OCT 1854)
Esther H. - Died:  1851, 7, 26  (26 JUL 1851)  
Frances Anna - Died:  1851, 9, 28,  (28 SEP 1851)  
Wm. M. [sic] - Died:  1857, 10, 5  (5 OCT 1857)

Note, three children of Wm. W. & Emely [sic]:
Jane Anna – Born: July 23, 1851;. Philena and Watson, both – Born: June 28, 1855
Have no death record – all listed on page 1296
WINDER (see names below)

Died:  1842, 3, 14  (14 MAR 1842)  Phebe

Died:  1846, 7, 23  (23 JUL 1846)  Abner  died age 65

Died:  1846, 9, 3  (3 SEP 1846)  Levi

Died:  1846, 9, 5  (5 SEP 1846)  Moses

Died:  1849, 8, 22  (22 AUG 1849)  Abner Webster

Died:  1850, 12, 26  (26 DEC 1850)  Abner

Died:  1853, 4, 16  (16 APR 1853)  Phinehas M.

Died:  1864, 1, 3  (3 JAN 1864)  Hope

Notes about some of the individuals and families buried at the Friends Cemetery

óSusan V. Dickerson

Per, Mr. Bob Younger, on December 21, 2012 – 72828@aol.com, Find A Grave Member Number: 46934505:

“Below is the information I have about Susan Victoria Dickerson and the rest of her immediate family. I have not been able to find the death dates, marriages and burial locations of all the family members but am still searching. I have not had the pleasure of visiting the Quaker Cemetery but I have discovered several ancestors of mine were Quakers.” Bob Younger

HANNAH HARRISON (WILLIAM HENRY, PETER, RICHARD, WILLIAM, RICHARD, PETER, PETER, JOHN, JOHANNIS) was Born 05/01/1832 in Harrison Co, OH, and Died 12/26/1922 in Marion, Marion, KS. She Married THOMAS DICKERSON 08/26/1852 in Cadiz, Harrison Co, OH. He was Born 05/04/1830 in Cadiz, Harrison Co, OH, and Died 11/01/1914 in Marion, Marion, KS.

Hannah Harrison Dickerson's Memorial is Find A Grave Memorial # 95929628

Thomas Dickerson's Memorial is Find A Grave Memorial # 95928624
Burial is in the Marion Cemetery, Marion Co, KS


MARY LAVINA DICKERSON, Born 06/15/1853, Cadiz, Harrison Co, OH; Died 08/07/1937, Marion, Marion, KS.

SARAH LOUISA DICKERSON, Born 10/05/1854, Champaign, OH; Died 04/20/1943,Marion, KS.

JOHN FREEMONT DICKERSON, Born 09/04/1856, Cadiz, OH.

SUSAN VICTORIA DICKERSON, Born 1859 in OH, Died 1861, OH. Burial: Friends Cemetery, North Lewisburg, Champaign Co, OH.  Find A Grave Memorial # 17619595



JOSEPH THOMAS DICKERSON, Born 01/08/1864, Lewisburg, OH; Died 02/07/1954, Edmond, OK.
Burial: Memorial Park Cemetery, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co, OK. Find A Grave Memorial # 48922030

JESSIE LAURELLA DICKERSON, Born 01/05/1869, Blairstown, IA; Died 08/11/1959.

EVA VIOLA DICKERSON, Born 11/23/1871, Lyndon, KS; Died 09/02/1953.

AVERY HOLMES DICKERSON, Born 04/01/1876, Marion, KS; Died 1964. He Married Nena Bell Turner.
Burial: Chillicothe City Cemetery, Chillicothe, Peoria Co, IL, Plot: Section G. Find A Grave Memorial # 63906607

óJoseph, Ann, Esther, Emily, and Lydia Ann Fell
Civil War veteran - William Wright Fell, and William W. Townsend and Townsend children

Note: The 1959 D.A.R. transcriptions for Joseph and Ann Fell were incorrectly copied as "Bell".

Per the book, Genealogy of the Fell Family in America - Descendants of Joseph Fell - 1668 – 1748, compiled by Sarah M. Fell  – 1891, pages 80, 81, 174, and 175:

“(193) Joseph Fell (4), Thomas (3), born 2, 25, 1793, in Chester CO., PA. Died 5, 10, 1871 in Champaign County, Ohio. Married in 1818 to Ann Lamborn, born 8, 25, 1795 and died 1, 16, 1868, in same, dau. of George Lamborn and Martha Marshall.”  “They resided in West Grove, Chester Co., PA., and in 1832 removed to Champaign County, Ohio.  Both were buried in North Lewisburg Cemetery, Ohio. They had ten children”:

Thomas, George, Marshall, Elizabeth, Esther Harvey, Emily, Lewis, Samuel Kinsey, Lydia Ann, and Joseph Townsend.

The following Fell sisters are buried at the Friends Cemetery in North Lewisburg: Esther who married Alpheus Hirst; Emily who married William W. Townsend (1) and John W. Cole (2); and Lydia Ann who married Edwin Brown.

William Wright Fell is the only known veteran buried at the Friends Cemetery in North Lewisburg.  He was a son of Thomas and Phebe L. Wright Fell.  Thomas Fell was a son of Joseph and Ann Lamborn Fell.  William Wright Fell was a grandson of Joseph and Ann Lamborn Fell.

Thus, Joseph and Ann Lamborn Fell; their daughters, Esther Harvey Fell Hirst; Emily Fell Townsend Cole; and Lydia Ann Fell Brown; as well as grandson, William Wright Fell; were all buried at the Friends Cemetery in North Lewisburg.  Also, all six children of Emily Fell and William W. Townsend are buried at the Friends Cemetery.  Four of their children are mentioned in the Hinshaw Quaker records on page 1296 for Townsend deaths:, Esther, Mary Ann, Rozilla and Watson.  However, also per Hinshaw, Jane Anna is shown as a daughter born July 23, 1851, but no death recorded for her; and Philena is listed with a birth date of June 28, 1855, but with no death date.  Philena shares a birth date with Watson, so possibly they were twins.  A stone “M. Townsend” with only 1848 inscribed on it found at the Friends Cemetery may belong to Mary Watson Townsend, mother of William W. Townsend.  She is reported to have died in 1848. 

óElizabeth Ellis Hole
    (no gravestone found)

Elizabeth Ellis was married to Jonah Hole on March 27, 1822 in Flushing, Belmont County, Ohio.  Per the Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy - Vol. IV (1994 reprint) by William Wade Hinshaw, Goshen (Darby Creek) Monthly Meeting - page 1282 - Elizabeth Hole died July 18, 1843. No stone has been found for Elizabeth Hole. The Goshen MM record makes reference for her burial in North Lewisburg. 

Click for a link to the Coat of Arms for the surname of “Hole.”

Find A Grave link to spouse Jonah Hole.

óHarmon Limes, Jr.

Harmon Limes, Jr., my great-great-great grandfather, was born near Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia on October 22, 1791.  His parents were Harmon Limes, Sr. and Ann Burnett.  His brothers were William and Henry.  His only known sister, Margaret, married Joshua Bishop, Jr. and settled in Posey County, Indiana

Harmon Limes, Jr. married Mary McKee on March 25, 1813 in Frederick County, Virginia.

The three Limes brothers and their families came to Ohio around 1813.  William Limes married Athaliah Doster in Frederick County, Virginia in 1803, and Henry Limes was married to Hannah Nolan.  William and Athaliah Doster Limes are buried at the Walnut Creek Cemetery in Perry Township, near New Martinsburg in Fayette County, Ohio.  William Limes was a War of 1812 veteran.  Henry and Hannah Nolan Limes are buried at the Sheep Pen (AKA Gustin / AKA Limes) Cemetery that straddles the county line between Fayette and Highland Counties Ohio.  

Mary McKee Limes moved to Iowa where their son, Joseph, lived following the death of her husband, Harmon, on February 8, 1861.  She died May 12, 1864 and was buried at the Indiana Chapel Cemetery in Marion County, Iowa.  

Harmon and Mary Limes’ children were:  William, John, James, Joseph, Elizabeth Ann, Margaret (who died young), Adaline, and Wesley.  Wesley Limes served as a private in the Civil War with the 66th Regiment, Co. “H” from Champaign County, Ohio

Harmon Limes, Jr. served as a Justice of the Peace and was the first appointed Marshal of (North) Lewisburg in 1844.  Also, he was a member of the school board in (North) Lewisburg.

Harmon Limes appointment of Marshal of the Town of Lewisburg, July 24, 1844

Harmon Limes, Leicester Ware, and Abner Winder, Jr.
Selected School Board Directors per Lewisburg Town Records of September 18 and 25, 1846

Harmon Limes’ Oath of Justice of the Peace dated June 20, 1846 (two pages)

Harmon Limes, Justice of the Peace, witness for R. B Spain
Oath of Mayor of North Lewisburg, dated July 21,1846

óJohn G. Sears

From the website, www.daytonhistorybooks.com :

“Centennial Portrait and Biographical Record of the City of Dayton and of Montgomery County, Ohio,
Pages 842 - 858 Samuel Sears to William F. Wollenhaupt”
“… John G. Sears and Elizabeth Winder were married in Champaign County, and came immediately to Montgomery County, where they resided for about six years, when they located on a farm near North Lewisburg, the farm being situated in the three counties of Champaign, Logan and Union. Their house was a station on the "underground railroad" for many years before the war, and they assisted many slaves on their road to liberty. Samuel Sears remembers several instances of escaping slaves, one case, in particular, where dogs were used in tracking fugitives, the hounds tracing them to his father's house.  John G. Sears died on the above-mentioned farm in 1850, his widow remaining on the farm until 1866, when she gave up her home and lived the rest of her life with her children, being with a daughter in Cleveland, Ohio, at the time of her death, which occurred in 1894.”
óAbner & Hope (Ballinger) Winder and Thomas & Hannah (Wildman) Winder

History of Logan County and Ohio, etc.,  O.L. Baskin & Co., 1880

“SETH S. WlNDER, farmer; P. O., North Lewisburg; was born December 11, 1841. His father, Thomas Winder, was born Dec 24, 1804, in Ross Co., Ohio: The latter's father, Abner Winder, came from Pennsylvania and was one of the pioneers of the Northwestern territory, settling in Ross Co. about the beginning of the present century. His wife was a Ballinger. Thomas Winder came to Logan Co. in 1841, purchasing 317 acres of land. The only improvements upon the same consisted of a double log cabin, and two old log stables. He married Hannah Wildman, who was born in Clark Co. Sept. 12, 1802. By this union there were ten children. Seth S. was reared amidst all the influences of a primal but progressive farming district. He received a common school education, spend six months in the High School, besides one term at Earlham College, Richmond, Ind. Returning home he again entered upon his father's farm, remaining with him until he was 27 years of age, when he married Maggie A. Linville, who was a native of Champaign Co., and whose parents J. H. Linville and Ann (Pennington) Linville were respected settlers of that county. The subject of our sketch now possesses a farm of 108 acres, well watered, very productive and adapted also to the raising of stock. He has two children-Aldina born Sept. 28, 1873, and Seneca, Jan. 23, 1879. The Winders have always been among the first to promote and encourage all those improvements which are necessary to the advancement, growth and ultimate wealth of any community. Being Quakers they partake of the integrity and industry so characteristic of that sect, and their excellent and valuable farms are fitting tributes to industry and perseverance. Thomas Winder is still living, a hale old man of 76. Time has dealt lightly with him and to-day he enjoys the robust health which a long life of temperance and happiness, together with honest toil naturally gives a man. On every hand he beholds his sons, progress and influential farmers. Our Edward Winder has done much to increase the reputation of the county as a breeder of fine wool sheep.”

Page 682, Vol. XVII, 1864 - Friends’ Review” “—at the residence of her daughter, near North Lewisburg, O., on the 3rd of 1st month, 1864, Hope Winder, aged nearly 78 years, and elder of Goshen Monthly Meeting, Ohio.”  “Her home was often the resting place of the gospel messenger…”

Thomas Winder married a second time following the death of his wife, Hannah Winder, on January 4, 1875.  He married Adaline D. Limes Winder, the widow of his brother, Aaron Winder. 

“No. 6771, Vol. D., page 1, Union County, Ohio: Thomas Winder and Adaline D. Winder. License Issued the 24th day of August A.D. 1880, to the above named parties. The State of Ohio, Union County}ss.  I do hereby certify, that Mr. Thomas Winder and Mrs. Adaline D. Winder were joined in marriage by me on the 24th day of August A.D. 1880. Parker P. Pope, Mls.”

Aaron and his widow, Adaline D. Limes Winder (later Winder Ballinger Dailey) are buried at the Butcher Cemetery on Tallman Street in North Lewisburg.

Some census records:

Blackburn, Jessie – 1870 U. S. Census – Series M593, Roll 1234, West Liberty, Logan County, Ohio, Page 131, line 32 (per Ancestry.com)
Jessie Blackburn, age 5, female, born in Ohio.  Head of household, Thomas, age 53, occupation of Miller, birthplace – Pennsylvania; Elizabeth, age 34, keeping house, birthplace – Ohio; and Erwin, age 13, birthplace – Ohio.

Cole, John and Emily, and Joseph Fell – 1870 U. S. Census – Series M593, Roll 1234, Page 300, line 18, Zane Township, Logan County, Ohio (per HeritageQuest):
John W. Cole, age 52, occupation – farmer, $3,100 value of real estate and $625 value of personal estate, birthplace – Pennsylvania; Emily, age 41, keeping house, birthplace – Pennsylvania; Mary A., age 28, birthplace – Ohio; Susan B., age 26, birthplace – Ohio; and Joseph W. Fell, age 77, retired farmer, $2,300 value of real estate and $7,000 value of personal estate, birthplace – Pennsylvania.  (Joseph W. Fell was Emily’s father.)

Dickerson, Susan V., daughter of Thomas and Hannah (Harrison) Dickerson – U. S. Census – Series M653, Roll 942, Page 18, Lewisburg, Champaign County, Ohio (per HeritageQuest):
Thomas Dickerson, age 30, occupation – wagon maker, value of real estate $400 and $100 value of personal estate, birthplace – Ohio; Hannah, age 28, Mary L., age 7, Sarah L, age 5, John F., age 3, and Susan, age 2.  All listed as having been born in Ohio.

Gidley, Isaac M. – 1850 U. S. Census – Series M432, Roll 665, page 258A, line 13, Lewisburg, Champaign County, Ohio, (per Ancestry.com)
Isaac M. Gidley, age 25, occupation carpenter, birthplace – New York; Mary, age 24, birthplace – Ohio; Lorany, age 1, female, birthplace – Ohio.

Hirst, Alpheus. – 1850 U. S. Census – Series M432, Roll 665, page 258A, line 7, Lewisburg, Champaign County, Ohio, (per Ancestry.com)
Alpheus Hirst, age 25, occupation carpenter, birthplace Ohio; Hester, age 24, birthplace – Ohio.  Ann M., age 1, birthplace – Ohio.  

Hutchinson, John and Jane – 1860 U S. Census – M653, Roll 942, page 19, line 9, Lewisburg, Champaign County, Ohio, (per HeritageQuest):
John Hutchinson (spelled Hutchison), age 75, occupation – farmer, $2,300 value of real estate and $100 value of personal estate, birthplace – New Hampshire; Jane, age 64, born in England.

Limes, Harmon – 1860 U. S. Census – Series M653, Roll 942, page 18, line 20, Lewisburg, Champaign County, Ohio, (per HeritageQuest):
Harmon Limes, age 68, occupation – boot and shoemaker, $500 value of real estate and $300 value of personal estate, birthplace – Virginia; Mary Limes, age 53, birthplace - Virginia. 

Pim, Caroline S. – 1880 U. S. Census – Series T-9, Roll 1073, page 199, line 30, Village of Richwood, Claibourne Twp., Union County, Ohio (per Heritagequest)
Caroline S. Pim, age 75, boarding, birthplace – New York; James Cutler, head of household, age 49, occupation – banker, birthplace – Ohio; L.P., age 35, wife, keeping house, birthplace – Pennsylvania; Lalla R. Cutler, age 10, adt. daughter, birthplace – Ohio.

Swayne, Maria T. – 1880 U. S. Census – Series T-9, Roll 998, page 330, line 16 - Lewisburg, Champaign County, Ohio (per HeritageQuest): 
Maria T. Swayne, widow, age 74, keeping house, birthplace – Virginia.  Amanda Swayne, her daughter, age 41, occupation of school teacher, birthplace - Ohio.

Townsend, William and Emily – 1850 U. S. Census – Series M432, Roll 665, Page 256, line 2, Lewisburg, Rush Township, Ohio (per HeritageQuest):
William Townsend, age 25, occupation – carpenter, $300 value of real estate, birthplace – Ohio; Emily, age 22, birthplace – Pennsylvania; and Mary A., age 1, birthplace – Ohio.

Vail, John, doctor, 1860 U.S. Census – Series M653, Roll 1000, page 240, line 26, Zane Township, Logan County, Ohio, (per HeritageQuest):
John Vail, age 58, occupation – physician, $8,000 value of real estate and $1,800 value of personal estate; Esther, age 44, Phebe, age 25, housework, Orpha, age 25 (?), school teacher; John, age 18; Samuel, age 15; James, age 10; Orian, age 3; Rubin R, age 11/12, all born in Ohio.

Winder, Abner, 1850 U. S. Census – Series M432, Roll 665, page 258A, line 24, Lewisburg, Champaign County, Ohio, (per Ancestry.com)
Abner Winder, age 36, occupation – manufacturer, value of real estate, $5,000, birthplace – Ohio; Rebecca, age 34, birthplace – Iowa (sp?), Hester A., age 11, birthplace – Ohio; Samuel G., age 9, birthplace – Ohio; Joseph, age 7, birthplace – Ohio, Phenius, age 4, birthplace – Ohio (dumb); and Sarah Shank, age 22, birthplace – Ohio.

Winder, Joshua, 1860 U.S. Census – Series M653, Roll 1000, page 224, line 5, Zane Township, Logan County, Ohio, (per HeritageQuest):
Joshua Winder, age 48, occupation – farmer, $3,500 value of real estate and $800 value of personal estate, birthplace – Ohio;  Mary, age 44, birthplace – Virginia; George, age 9, birthplace – Ohio; Amanda Apple, age 35, housework, birthplace – Ohio; Olive Engham (sp?), age 18, housework, birthplace – Ohio; and Jacob Critz, age 22, farmhand, birthplace – Ohio. 

Winder, Thomas and Hannah, 1870 U. S. Census – Series M593, Roll 1234, Page 301, line 39, Zane Township, Logan County, Ohio (per HeritageQuest):
Thomas Winder, age 65, occupation – farmer, $16,415 value of real estate and $1,780 value of personal estate, birthplace – Ohio; Hannah, age 67, keeping house, birthplace – Virginia; Mary Wildman, age 56, domestic servant, birthplace – Ohio; Minnie Ervin, age 18, domestic servant, birthplace – Canada; George Randolph, age 19, farm laborer, birthplace – Ohio.

In the 1870 Census, North Lewisburg is listed as the Post Office for Zane Township in Logan County, Ohio.

Notes about spouses not buried at the Friends Cemetery:

Edwin J. Brown – husband of Lydia Ann Fell:

Edwin J. Brown was the son of Joel Brown and Mary Joliff, per page 175 of the Fell Family History Book.  His first marriage was to Lydia Ann Fell on September 2, 1852. Lydia Ann Fell was born July 16, 1834 to Joseph and Ann Lamborn Fell. She died on June 11, 1863 and was buried at the Friends (Quaker) Cemetery in North Lewisburg, Champaign County, Ohio.

Per the 1900 Census, Edwin J. Brown had been married to Theresa for 30 years.

Edwin J. Brown and Lydia Ann Fell Brown had the following children, per the Fell Family History Book:

Marshall Rudolphus Brown - born September 3, 1853
Robert Emmet Brown - born December 9, 1856
William Brown - born August 25, 1858 and died  August 28, 1858
Joseph Ellsworth Brown - born May 31, 1861 and died June 4, 1863

Therisa (AKA Theresa) Moffit Brown, Edwin J. Brown's second wife, died on January 20, 1923 and is also buried at the Mount Tabor Cemetery

Findagrave.com:  Edwin J. Brown

John W. Cole – second husband of Emily Fell Townsend:

In 1900, John W. Cole was living in Zane Township in Logan County at age 82 with daughter Susan, age 56.  Susan B. Cole died September 2, 1917.  Her parents were John Cole and Carolina Foster.  John W., his first wife Carolina, and daughters Mary A. and Susan B. were all buried at the Mount Mariah Cemetery in Zane Township, Logan County, Ohio.

Findagrave.com.:  John W. Cole

Alpheus Hirst – husband of Esther Fell:

Alpheus Hirst died on May 12, 1863 and was buried alone at the Springdale Cemetery in Cedar County, Iowa. Information for Alpheus Hirst, per the Fell Family History of America book, on pg. 175:

Alpheus Hirst was born on January 29, 1826 and died on May 12, 1863. He married Esther Harvey Fell in 1847. They were residing in North Lewisburg, Champaign County, Ohio. Esther Harvey Fell was born on February 15, 1826 and died on September 2, 1851. Her parents were Joseph Fell and Ann Lamborn Fell. Esther Harvey Fell Hirst was buried at the Friends (Quaker) Cemetery in North Lewisburg, Champaign County, Ohio.

Two children are listed:

Anna Maria Hirst: born March 19, 1848 m. William Bremner
Elizabeth Jane Hirst: born March 9, 1851 m. Phillip J. Bowerman

Findagrave.com:  Alpheus Hirst

Levi Townsend – husband of Mary Watson Townsend:

Levi Townsend – Born: August 26, 1799 – Died: July 29, 1881 - was buried at the Mount Carmel Cemetery, Kennard, Champaign County, Ohio.

Findagrave.com:  Levi Townsend

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