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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Spotlighting Cordelia Macey DePoy - Scott Andersen shares news of Cordelia Macey DePoy's Restored Unique Monument at the Old Burying Ground in Greenfield, Highland County, Ohio.

Scott Andersen, who has ancestors buried in and around the Greenfield, Ohio area, has shared "Before" and "After" photographs of the unique disk-shaped marble monument of Cordelia Macey DePoy.  

Cordelia died July 12, 1865 and was buried at the Old Burying Ground in Greenfield, Ohio.  

She was married to James Alstott DePoy.  He outlived her and was buried at the Chapel of the Chimes Columbarium and Mausoleum in Oakland, Calfornia.


Cordelia's daughter, Irene, was buried next to her.  

Irene DePoy's smaller stone was also restored.  

Both gravestones were cleaned and received new footers, which are seen in the longer shot photograph below.

Directly below the "after" photographs appear two "before" images of Cordelia Macey DePoy's stone.  

Left to Right:  "After" restoration - Cordelia Macey DePoy's larger monument. Her daughter Irene's smaller monument is to the right.  Burials at the Old Burying Ground in Greenfield, Ohio.  Both grave markers were restored recently by Hardy Memorials of Greenfield.  

Above is a closer up photograph of the restored Cordelia Macey DePoy monument. 


Below are the "Before Restoration" photographs of Cordelia Macey DePoy's monument.  

Quoting Scott: 

"What you can't see here is that the stone was leaning back at about a 30 degree angle, slowly falling down the hillside."

Thank you for sharing your photographs with us, Scott.  

Great going!! 

Old Burying Ground in Greenfield, Ohio