Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Spotlighting Rosa (Rozalia) Csereszynak Csillag (Csilag) - Buried in Section 0-3A at Calvary Cemetery - Lorain, Ohio

I am not fluent in any language other than English, so with that reality in mind, I often have to coax myself to photograph a grave marker inscribed in a foreign language knowing I will have the added steps of finding the correct translation for every word carved on the stone.  Learning what the language is has been the first hurdle to overcome and that can consume some time as well.  

Fortunately, today we have some resources for help.  I have found Facebook Groups particularly helpful.  Two of them are the "Hungary Exchange" and "Polish Genealogy."  Both are closed groups.  

Thanks to some extremely helpful members from the "Hungary Exchange", and some of my own Facebook friends, the translation mystery was solved for this small flat stone shown below belonging to  Rosa (Rozalia)Csereszynak Csillag (Csilag).    

Following the gravestone photograph is a scanned image from "FamilySearch.org" of her death certificate. 

"Rosa Csilag" was buried in Section 0-3A of the Calvary Cemetery in Lorain, Ohio.  It is the same section where my own Polish great-grandmother, Antonina Szczepankiewicz, was buried in 1918.  This is a section with predominately single burials and many who died 1918 - 1919. 
May they all rest in eternal peace, and may all of their gravestones be correctly translated and transcribed.  
ISTEN = God. The "ben" or "ban" at the end of a word signifies IN or WITH
 Mrs. Mihaly Csillag ( Mihályné ). The top part is something like " Here in God's Rest".
Her  maiden name would be Cseresznyak as her father's name is Steve Cseresznyak.Her mother is Rosa Kovacs.

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