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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Erie Street Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio - The City's Oldest Cemetery - Suffered a Severe Vandalism Attack Over Labor Day Weekend

Sadly, Cleveland's oldest cemetery, the Erie Street Cemetery, was severely vandalized over Labor Day weekend.  

The news reports on "Cleveland.com" state that a monument company has been hired to conduct restoration work at Erie Street Cemetery.  At this time, the name of the monument company has not been made public. 

Below are photographs from Casey Daniels who is a member of the closed Facebook Group: "Preserving Ohio's Cemeteries."  

Casey so kindly posted her photographs in the group; and granted permission to share them.  The pictures were taken during her recent visit to the Erie Street Cemetery following the vandalism attack.
Casey reports:

  "Here are some pictures of the destruction at Cleveland's Erie Street Cemetery. Vandalism happened over Labor Day weekend. We counted at least 30 damaged stones and heard that the city has already surveyed and that a monument company is working with the city to make things right."

So, we look forward to learning further news of progress being planned and made to repair the damages done at Erie Street Cemetery.

The website "Find A Grave" lists 21, 833 interments at Erie Street Cemetery.  


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