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Friday, September 25, 2015

Side-by-Side Photo Comparisons Help Tell the Story of How Cleaning Methods Work on Gravestones

Thanks to a neat free website called quickpicturetools I am having a great time with formatting and saving my before and after cleaning photographs of various gravestones that I have been collecting.  

If you are anything like me, you don't have a lot of software on your computer, so a free website that actually works can really help where you can try your hand at producing side-by-side photographs and adding in some text with them.  It takes a bit of experimenting and practicing with the program, but a person can get the hang of it in a short period of time and save their creations directly to their computer, flash drive, cloud, etc. 

Below are a couple of photographs of the same monument taken about 19 years apart.

 They are of the Jeremiah and Sigariah Simmons Duvall monument at the Forest Cemetery in Circleville, Pickaway County, Ohio. 

The photograph on the left illustrates what the monument looked like before I had done any cleaning at all to it.  I'm sure it was my first visit to the cemetery to see it. 

The photograph on the right was taken July 16, 2015 after using D/2 Biological Solution to clean the whole monument.

There had been some water and brushing sessions on the monument over the years, however, water alone does not stop biological regrowth.  So, improvement on the monument was only marginal. 

I am hoping the Duvall monument will look as good or perhaps even better when I return to visit it next year than it did right after its 2015 cleaning.