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Friday, December 10, 2010

Spotlighting the fascinating features of Find A Grave!!

Today I learned that I could link a memorial on "Find A Grave" to my Facebook Page. 
It is a wonderful feature offered on findagrave.com.

There is also a link to search "FAG" by surname:

Discussion Forums:

A listing of books for purchase:

While Find A Grave is not 'perfect', it is about as close as you are going to come to finding one site as dedicated to posting memorials for loved ones as you are going to find on the Internet today. 

With many 'tombstone' type sites, you MUST have a tombstone photo to post or you are not able to post information about your loved ones or friends. 

Also on Find A Grave, even if you don't know where a person is buried, you can still post a memorial to them showing their dates of birth and death and much more of course, just like you would for a deceased person whose burial location is known.

One of my favorite features in a memorial is the relationship link, where you can add links for spouses, parents and children.  You can virtually link one generation to the next, regardless of where they were buried. 

Find A Grave is currently boasting 54 million grave records. 

It is a contributor based site so errors and duplications do 'creep in.'  And, if you spot one, you can report it to Find A Grave with an email to:
I know because I have done so many times. 

So, I encourage anyone who has not already done so, to please explore the possibilities that Find A Grave offers for finding where your ancestor was buried. 

Also, become a contributor yourself. 

You can contribute with posting memorials, taking volunteer photographs for others, adding photographs of the deceased. 
The site is quite flexible. 

For a one time $5.00 fee you can sponsor a memorial as well eliminating the advertising - the main drawback to Find A Grave.

This blog has links to Find A Grave for your convenience.