Friday, March 29, 2019

Spotlighting - "State Law Regulates Most Ohio Cemeteries" -- Links from the Ohio State Bar Association

Spotlighting the Ohio State Bar Association's website and its links for information about Ohio cemeteries and the laws that relate to them. 
The first link is the most relevant: 
Please note
This link had been available on the website:
It had been linked from the last listed category entitled:  
"Ohio Cemeteries FAQs."  
However, for some months now, and as of this writing, this last category's link has not been working on this website and an error pops up if you click on it.  
Fortunately, this link and the same information is available directly from the Ohio State Bar Association's website.
From the main Ohio State Bar Association's website click on the "Public Resources" link and choose "Commonly Asked Law Questions".  
On the new page, there is a box entitled "Find Answers to Your Law Questions."  Below the title is a search line where the key word "cemetery" can be typed in for your search.
The second link is:
by Ami Imbrogno, "Law You Can Use", 
April 18, 2016
Below is the section containing the cemetery references:

"5) Finally, a city may be liable if a city employee is negligent in performing a non-governmental function, such as operating a hospital; designing, constructing or operating a cemetery; establishing, maintaining or operating a utility; maintaining, operating or destroying a sewer system; or operating a public stadium, auditorium, civic center, exhibition hall, arts and crafts center, band or orchestra, or off-street parking facility."

I was so pleased to see this information available again available online and hope the restores the link to their website.  The information provides a valuable resource for so many seeking more answers pertaining to their problems relating to their cemeteries of concern.  

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