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Monday, April 1, 2013

Remembering the Oehlke Family Buried at Elmwood Cemetery in Lorain, Ohio

The Oehlke Family who were buried at Elmwood Cemetery in Lorain, Ohio have a long history as early pioneers living in the area. 

Julius Oehlke was born in Germany in 1835. He died  August 14, 1917.  His wife was Augusta Tillock Oehlke who died July 23, 1920.

Their children, also buried at Elmwood Cemetery, were:

Carl Julius Oehlke

Frank E. Oehlke

Theodore R. Oehlke

Henry Augustus Oehlke

Lena A. Oehlke

Henry Augustus Oehlke and his wife,  Mary Helen Doyle "Minnie" Oehlke,  were the parents of the following children who were also buried at Elmwood Cemetery:

Helen Virginia Oehlke

Norma Anobel Oehlke

Pauline Mary Oehlke


Henry Arthur Oehlke who was buried at Ridge Hill Memorial Park in Amherst, Lorain County, Ohio.