Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sharing Some Sad Scenes from the Staunton Cemetery in Staunton, Concord Township, Fayette County, Ohio

 Sharing photographs taken during my visit to the Staunton Cemetery (AKA Staunton Methodist Cemetery) on July 17, 2015.  

As the photographs show, there are many broken gravestones lying on the ground, some in groups or even piles.  Some are even piled up along the exterior walls of the church itself. 

It is my understanding that the Concord Township Trustees mow the Staunton Cemetery. 

The Staunton Cemetery on "Find A Grave"   currently has 282 interments listed.




The Joseph T. Limes monument lacks support and the dirt and grass that once surrounded its base are now gone.  

It is in serious danger of toppling over in its current state. 

See the 4 photographs below, including one that shows the back side of this monument with the buglar statue on top, that are of the Joseph T. Limes monument.



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