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Monday, March 4, 2019

Sharing the Third and Fourth Parts of the "Edward Lusk Diaries" - from Mr. Scott Kneer - Auglaize County, Ohio


Scott Knerr – March 2, 2019

“The Edward Lusk 

Diaries Part 3”

Hello all: Wasn’t that a terrible accident that Ed witnessed and was part of in part 2? His diaries reflected that over the next several months. But life goes on. That fall Ed talks of picking apples and taking them to Waynesfield to make cider. He talks of making apple butter and ending with nearly 11 gallons. He takes a trip in Sept. of 1891 by train from Belle Center to Columbus. Let’s see what he has to say about his trip.

Sept. 17th 1891 

We started from Belle Center at 10:45pm last night and arrived at Columbus at between 2 and 3am. We laid around at the depot until nearly daylight then started for the business part of the city. We located at the Farmer’s Hotel on Market St. We went to the State Fair and saw a fair of which in my opinion any state might feel proud. After supper, we went up to the state house to see the wonderful display of fireworks. It was indeed a grand sight. Very warm.

Sept. 18th 1891

We visited the Insane and Idiotic Asylums and Penitentiary in the forenoon. In the afternoon, the Blind and the Deaf and Dumb Asylums and State House. Everything about the Asylums is very grand and inviting to the senses. While the schools of the sane institutions are seemingly most thoroughly conducted. The Ohio Penitentiary has at present 1,528 prisoners of which 33 are women, 400 are colored, and 150 are life prisoners. Weather extremely warm.

Sept 19th 1891

We started home from Columbus at 8:10 am and arrived in Belle Center at noon. We have had a pleasant trip and a very enjoyable time. We arrived at home at about 5pm. I am glad to find my family all well, and pleased to be with them again.

But time to move on in Ed’s life. The year is now 1892. Let’s see what happens next.

Jan 25th 1892

School. I went in the sleigh but this evening sleighing is getting poor on the east and west roads while on the north and south roads the sledding is good. Weather much warmer.

Feb. 13th 1892

At home hauling wood and feed, broke my sled down today and had to borrow John’s. I went to New Hampshire in the evening and settled some accounts. A most curious and wonderful spectacle was perceptible in the northern heavens. A bright red light and yellow streaks of half the width of the heavens from the zenith to the northern horizon and extending east to west. It seemed to be in motion and probably lasted for two hours. I do not know what it should be called unless the Aurora Borealis ( northern lights). *Note* This must have been one awesome sight and light show in Ed’s life with no artificial light to interfere with the colors and ribbons of light. 

July 4th 1892

Independence Day! One hundred and six years since our country has been declared “free and independent states” and during that time she has never failed to prosper and today ranks foremost in civilization and prosperity among all nations of the globe. Weather clear and pleasant.

Sept 7th 1892

Mowing weeds then husking corn this afternoon. Today’s fight was fought at New Orleans, the great heavyweight battle between Colbert and Sullivan for the championship of the world and $45,000 in which Sullivan was whipped in the 21st round. 

Oct. 21st 1892

No school. Columbus Day! A grand celebration all over the land commemorating the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America by Columbus. I went to Wapak this morning. A great parade exhibiting all the industrial pursuits of the town, also the schools, orders, societies ( Elks, Oddfellows, Moose), ect. A grand display and the largest crowd I almost ever saw at Wapak. 

Nov.8th 1892

No school. Election day. Voted straight democrat ticket. Grover Cleveland and Benjamin Harrison were the leaders in the Democratic and Republican parties. Cleveland and the Democratic ticket all elected.

Dec 22nd 1892

School. A big racket at our school today. Charlie Campbell hit the teacher, Silas Brackney over the head with and iron poker and downed him. 

*Note* After 1892 Ed didn’t keep a detailed diary for several years. His logs were mainly of going to school and farming. He takes on being the Clay township clerk during this time also.

The next log I picked comes in Oct. of 1896.

October 1896

Here I am again after 6 months of negligence from my old diary but I have been very busy. Gave up the of the office of Township Clerk August 31st and very much relieved. First frost Sept. 20th and it was a big one. 

*Note* We now jump to 1899. Ed seems to be discouraged with himself for not keeping up with his diaries. But 1899 is a hard year for Ed as you will read below.

June 30th 1899

A big frost this morning. Corn in low wet ground badly nipped. Very cold this morning but hot in middle of the day. 

Nov.27th 1899

School. Mother much worse. The doctor here this morning. He thinks she can’t last long.
Nov. 28th 1899

No school. Mother seems to be fading very fast. A great number of people here today. Mother is in a great deal of pain. 

Nov. 29th 1899

No school! A day that I shall remember all the rest of my life, for today at about 5pm my very best Earthly friend, Mother, passed to the great beyond. She suffered terribly all morning and forenoon but in the midst of it all she started shouting praises to him who doeth all things well.

She clearly realized that the end was near and she talked of the happy meeting with father and the little ones who have gone on before. In the afternoon she gradually sank into unconsciousness and peacefully breathed her life away. Her last intelligible words were in harmony with her life, being of the little children and of their comfort. Blessed Mother! Her life was worthy of imitation. Lord, help me her weak and worthy son to follow in the footsteps of my Father and Mother, and above all may I glorify my heavenly father and follow in his footsteps.

(*Note* The family told me that in the diary the page is smeared due to Ed crying over his diary as he wrote about his mother).

Nov. 30th 1899

A long lonesome day. Several here today. Rev. Aten here this afternoon and wrote obituary of mother’s life. The neighbor men repairing road into cemetery and digging grave. They are all very kind and sympathetic. The undertaker here this morning and we selected a casket for mother. Price $65.00

Dec. 1st 1899

Mother’s remains laid to rest today. A large crowd present. I hope I can have said of me what was said of my mother today. My sisters and their families all here for dinner. 

I think this is a good place to end part 3. We are now half way through the diary years. Ed sure seems to be one great and caring man. I hope your still enjoying following Ed through his life here in Auglaize County. 

Until next time…


Scott Knerr – March 2, 2019

"Edward Lusk - Diaries Part 4”

Hello all: We left part 3 with the death of Ed’s mother in 1899. Her death had a big effect on him. In his diary of 1900 many of his entries are just one or two sentences. But still he pushes on through life as you will read below. Also I added some pics so you can now have a face to the writer of these awesome diaries. And one more thing before we move on. I have not read ahead on these diaries. I've been writing these posts as I go. So your literally reading these right along with me. I'm sure going to miss Ed when this series ends. 

Dec. 7th 1899

School. Much warmer today. Snow almost gone. The days go slowly.

Dec. 15th 1899

School. Snow pretty deep. I went in buggy but several sleighs are out. 

Dec. 20th 1899

School. Went to St. Johns and got treats, 37 lbs. @ 6 1/2 cents for my scholars tonight.

Dec. 23rd 1899

School. Treated my scholars and had a nice time. Scholars seemed pleased and I hope they may enjoy many a pleasant Christmas. 

Dec 25th 1899

Christmas! And the children are all happy. They didn’t get as much as they sometimes do but I guess they got a plenty. God bless them. I was at work about all day. Weather clear and cold.

Jan 1st 1900

No school. New Years day! The children got candy, oranges, and a few presents. Ina went visiting today. I staid home with the children. We got along first rate.

Jan 2nd 1900

School. Children seemed to feel first rate over their holiday. George Lane and Pearl Baggs having been visiting in Franklin County are to return home tonight. The boys say the intend to give them a belling tonight.

Jan 3rd 1900

School. The boys belled George and Pearl but they say they are not married. Weather a little warmer.  

March 3rd 1900

Dode and I went to Wapak in his rig as my horses could not stand on the roads this morning due to ice. (*Note* This is the first time Ed mentions in his diaries about being in a auto*). But the ice has been going fast this afternoon, almost all off the roads tonight. Finished paying a note to Dr. Van Trump and settled mothers doctor bill giving note for $26.80.

March 24th 1900

My school closed today. A very large and orderly crowd. Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves but I am sorry to leave my scholars. They were very kind to me. 

*Note* I believe Ed’s one room schoolhouse closed down for good at this time. He did not write again in his diary until the following November. 

Nov. 1st 1900

School at New Hampshire. Weather pleasant but dry.

Nov. 6th 1900

School until noon then went to the election in afternoon. A very nice day but somewhat cool. Staid at Township house until vote was counted out. Clay Township total vote 422. ( D ) William Bryan 226, ( R ) William McKinley 186. Late new this evening is encouraging to Republicans. 

Nov. 7th 1900

School. Weather cold and raw. Some snow this evening. Republicans feeling good over McKinley’s reelection.

(*Note* McKinley won big in his reelection. The electoral votes were McKinley 292, Bryan 155). Rented my Marion house this evening to Owen Hurley at two dollars a month. But he is to have the first month free providing he cleans up the house and yard. ( Owen Hurley was a farm hand for Ed and helped him in many ways).

Nov. 14th 1900

School. Owen took team of horses and went to Gutman and got a barrel of salt (for curing meat), also got two shoes put on Nellie ( his horse). He got home about 11am then went to hunt my calves. He found them away over to the south. Didn’t get them home until 3pm. He then hauled up a load of wood for me. Weather cold and disagreeable. 

Nov. 29th 1900

Thanksgiving! No school! Owen husking this forenoon then he and I took a load, 41 bushels, 38lbs. To St. Johns at 30 cents per bushel. Owen and wife here for dinner and supper. Mother died a year ago today. God bless her memory. 

Dec. 27th 1900

Took Ina (wife) and Don(son) to the station at St. Johns. They went to Van Wert today.

Dec. 29th 1900

The little boys and I went to Gutman this forenoon and got Nellie’s shoes reset in the front and hind ones taken off. Went out to meet Ina and Don at train but they got left in Lima. They phoned to me. ( *Note* This is the first time in the diaries Ed mentions using a phone). 

Jan. 1st 1901

New Years Day! The children only got candy ect. But they are happy. Not doing much this forenoon but hauled up wood for me and Owen this afternoon. The whole family went to Alfred’s this evening in bobsleds. A good visit. Weather cold all day and very cold tonight.
Jan. 12th 1901

Went up to New Hampshire this morning and got two teeth filled. Ava went along and had a tooth pulled. Got home at noon, then went to quarterly conference at Bethel this afternoon and then out to lodge this evening. Was installed Noble Grand tonight. Cold. Cold. Owen’s brother, John’s baby was buried today.

Jan. 21st. 1901

Butchered today, 3 hogs and 1 calf. Got 26 gal. of lard. Sold hind quarter of beef to Alfred Dobie’s, wt. 84 lbs @ 8 cents = $6.72 paid. Front quarter 77lbs. @ 6 1/2 cents = $5.00 paid to R.D. VanTress. Adam Rinehart helped butcher. Paid him $2.15. Sold calf hide 43 1/2 lbs. @ 6 cents = $2.61. Manfred and Owen helped also. They got done a little after 2 o’clock Weather pleasant. 

Jan 25th 1901

School. I staid at New Hampshire and got my teeth worked at Dr. Griffith crowned one tooth and bridged another. Paid him $5.00 more making $10.00 paid him. Children went to Wolf Creek tonight. 

March 30th 1901

Dode and I went to Wapak today. A great number of people there today and politics are rampant especially the fight for Auditor. Both candidates A.E. Schaeffer and Wm. Meyer are fine fellows and I am taking no side whatsoever. Damp and disagreeable today. 

June 14th 1901

My birthday! 36 years old today. Plowing potatoes in afternoon. Dode Thrush came past this evening and he and I went to Geyer and we got home( about 9 o’clock) our house, yard, and orchard were all full of people to surprise me, which they did to my satisfaction. More then two hundred people here and we had a general good time. I shall never forget it. God bless them all.
I’m going to end here for now due to the length of this part. But I’ll be back with more later. Again a special thanks to Bonnie Lusk Denig and Gary R. Denig for sharing these with all of us.

Until next time…