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Friday, April 2, 2010

Admiral Noble Edward Irwin's burial location has been found!

My thanks to Cindy Hackett at the public library in Annapolis, Maryland who so kindly sent information to me that identifies the burial location of Admiral Noble E. Irwin, his wife, Elma, and her parents Captain John Alexander Norris and Zoe (Doviller) Norris.  

Click on title to link to Admiral Irwin's memorial posted on "Find A Grave" with relationship links to his wife, and his parents and maternal grandmother. 
I was not able to link him to his daughter, Phyllis Irwin Lockwood, however, information is provided on his memorial to locate her and her husband, Charles A. Lockwood, Jr., on "Find A Grave." 

Lavina (AKA Lavinia) Rogers Irwin - Admiral Noble E. Irwin's mother

Henry W. Irwin - Admiral Noble E. Irwin's father

Priscilla Beals Rogers - Admiral Noble E. Irwin's maternal grandmother 
Son-in-law, Charles A. Lockwood, Jr., and daughter, Phyllis I (Irwin) Lockwood tombstone photographs taken at the Golden Gate National Cemetery:
Tombstone photographs posted with permission from