Monday, September 5, 2011

Offering a suggestion for a befitting gift for an avid "Graver" -- "Final Thoughts - Eternal Beauty in Stone" Book by John Thomas Grant is available via Amazon (pre-order)

Click on title to access where you can place your order for the John Thomas Grant book "Final Thoughts - Eternal Beauty in Stone".  You may also wish to read more about Mr. Grant's book on the blog:

You can order directly from Mr. Grant and obtain an autographed copy!:

"We're happy to announce that - FINAL THOUGHTS: ETERNAL BEAUTY IN STONE - can now be purchased as a signed copy. The proceeds will go to benefit the completion of Lisa's book, "The Fashionable Victorians."

With the book we'll include one of our JOHN THOMAS GRANT collectible cards - The Mourning Angel - and the book cover card (both signed). They make good bookmarks, framed pieces, or just save them for posterity. Never can tell ...what they may be worth on some future Antique Roadshow:)) Your kids will be thrilled!"

As some of my fans have expressed it:

"John, your use of your art, the beauty of the images and the power evoked by the written words will do more for cemetery preservation than any group, website, or individual could hope to aspire to." Robin Biddle

"John Grant’s photographs show us that cemeteries may be the realm of the dead, but they are for the living. Get thee to a cemetery. And see it through John Grant’s eyes and heart. View the photographs in Final Thoughts with your heart. They do not speak of death. They most assuredly speak of life." Douglas Keister (author)

The total package for the book & cards, postage & packaging is only $43! All signed!
(International postage will increase postal rate; local pickup or delivery will eliminate postal charge)

To process your order, you need only to select one of the following payment options:

1. Via Paypal - or
2. Call us with your visa, mastercard, or discover card - 570-655-8392
3. Send a check to: John Thomas Grant, P.O. Box 3278, West Pittston, PA. 18643

Allow approximately 6 weeks for your package to arrive. We're doing this so that we can place our order with the publisher. They would still have to receive FT from the manufacturer. But they're on the way!!!!
Editorial Reviews

Product Description

"The story of life and death in America as told through beautiful cemetery art photography accompanied by meaningful epitaphs from cemeteries up to 300 years old. View 68 cemeteries in 224 beautiful photographs that breathe life into existence of those who have passed before us, and who are now enshrined for eternity in landscaped paradises. Within each placid scene and through heartfelt words displayed upon markers, join photographer John Thomas Grant in his one-of-a-kind study of an American tradition."

About the Author

"After 30 years in the music business, John Thomas Grant's new creative outlet came through the lens of the camera. Genealogy introduced John to the cemetery. The cemetery gave John back his life. Final Thoughts is his first adventure."

"Author/photographer John Thomas Grant
John & Lisa aka Victoriana Lady
The Passion Projects, John Grant & Victoriana Lady Lisa,thank you all for your kind support!!"

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Update on Sugar Grove (Methodist) Cemetery - Perry Township - Fayette County, Ohio

Click on title to access the Sugar Grove (Methodist) Cemetery on "Find A Grave".  Currently, there are 29 memorials listed. 

Below is an update from the Perry Township, Fayette County, Ohio Trustees regarding the care and upkeep of the Sugar Grove Cemetery:

"We are not sure about the future? All we can say is the church owns the cemetery at this time and they are responsible for it at this time."

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