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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Halloween was more than Ghosts & Goblins in Greenfield! Recapping the October 31st Old Burying Ground work session

John King and Scott Andersen were undaunted by the threat of rain on the last day of October, 2018 to proceed and conduct a work session where over a dozen gravestones were repaired and restored by them. 

Below are 'sneak peek' photos which illustrate the type of  preservation work that John and Scott, and other volunteers from the Greenfield Historical Society, have undertaken throughout their 5-year total restoration project of Greenfield Ohio's earliest burial ground.  
The historic cemetery is adjacent to the historic Travellers Rest. 
Above composite photo courtesy of the 
Greenfield Historical Society
October 31, 2018 work session
Old Burying Ground - Greenfield
From the Greenfield Historical Society's web page
for the October 31, 2018 "OBG" work session:

"Volunteer Session - October 31, 2018"

"Halloween turned out to be another productive morning at the OBG. Although it looked like rain would drown us out, we managed to work on over a dozen stones before quitting just minutes before rains came. 
Scott Andersen and John King leveled and straightened tombstones and planned for the next area to address in the cemetery. Venus Andersen stopped by to offer encouragement and bring us soft drinks. This might have been the last session for the year, but maybe with a break in weather later in November or December we might be able to do some more work in 2018. This was probably one of the more productive years at the cemetery! 
Many thanks to ALL the volunteers who help throughout the years making this a very successful project."
Photos below from the June 9th, 2018
Old Burying Ground Work Session:
 Above - Left to Right:  
John King, Jackie Doles, 
and Michael Lee Anderson
June 9, 2018
Photo belong is a scene from
the June 9, 2018 work session
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