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"A cemetery may be considered as abandoned when all or practically all of the bodies have been Removed therefrom and no bodies have been buried therein for a great many years, and the cemetery has been so long neglected as entirely to lose its identity as such, and is no longer known, recognized and respected by the public as a cemetery. 1953 OAG 2978."

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Sharing a Handy Guide to "Identifying Civil War Graves" & Some Additonal Resources to Locate Veteran Gravesites in Ohio

"Identifying Civil War Graves"  -- This is a great link that can serve as a handy reference guide to identifying and understanding the inscriptions on Civil War era government issue markers, and the war medallion on flag holders that are quite often  placed next to them.    However, not all cemeteries allow the installation of the flag holders.

The information was compiled and provided by:  

Austin Blair Camp No. 7 is located in Jackson Michigan and meets locally.


Also, check out the free database on the Ohio Genealogical Society's website:


"Ohio Memory"

Ohio Sons of the Union Veterans:

"Ohio Civil War Veterans Grave Registration"

And, some are county specific, for example:

Keep browsing through your "Google" searches for additional links for Veterans Graves Registrations in Ohio that may be of interest to you.  

Sample Veteran's Grave Registration Card:
Above is a Legend with the names of the wars (through WWI) and numbers assigned to each War that is designated by the veterans' names on WPA Cemetery Plat Maps. 
(Created by Linda Jean Limes Ellis)