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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Remembering Helen Steiner Rice buried at Elmwood Cemetery, Lorain, Ohio

The world renowned prolific poet, Helen Steiner Rice, is buried next to her parents, John and Anna Steiner, and her sister, Gertrude, at her hometown Cemetery - Elmwood Cemetery - in Lorain, Ohio. 
One of the most recent publications entitled:  "Hidden History of Lorain County" by Kelly Boyer Sagert includes a wonderful biographical account of the life of Helen Steiner Rice.
The Lorain Public Library has devoted a special page honoring Helen Steiner Rice.
Here is a link to the extensive biography about her compiled by Mary Hilaire Tavenner, Ph.D. entitled:  
"Helen Steiner Rice Woman of Talent and Courage"
Befittingly, an Elementary School in Lorain is named in honor of Helen Steiner Rice.
I am so proud to call Helen Steiner Rice's hometown of Lorain, Ohio my hometown too.
Sign for Helen Steiner Rice's gravesite
(Above marker)
Helen Steiner Rice
(Above marker)
John A. Steiner
(Above marker)
Anna J. Steiner
(Above marker)
(sister of Helen Steiner Rice)

Some of Helen Steiner Rice's Poems